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Supply and Demand

Supply Chain Disruption

The year 2011, Japan was struck by a magnitude-9 earthquake on the north-eastern coast in March, producing a savage disastrous tsunami. The most affected part was the Honshu Island that experienced the great impact of the tsunami. Two years later, the tsunami continued to extend its coverage up on North...

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Supply Chain Issues

It would seem at this point that OHFC is too committed to its outsourcing strategy to re-locate its manufacturing efforts back to the United States. The company has grown too much, and aside from that, its pricing strategy depends heavily on the ability to use cheap labor overseas. Likewise, with...

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The Effects of Different Market Structures on Supply

Market structure refers to the relative size of the businesses that make up an industry, and this has a direct effect on the amount of products they are willing to flood the market with. This is due to the fact that the less that is produced, the more the price...

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Cooler Supply Chain Management

A company that produces small- and medium-sized coolers, many of which are used for outdoor picnics, is having difficulty reaching customers on the West Coast. The current process is to ship to customers from the East Coast and maintain the same shipping costs for the end customer nationwide, but this...

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Supply And Operations Concepts

In a business, an operation plan is essential to ensure that the company runs efficiently. An organization formulates a concept of operations when it must change how it operates to meet its set goals. The organization determines the configuration of staff, the business process, technology to be implemented and the...

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