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Supply and Demand

Federal Supply Schedule Program and Price Reductions

The requirements for federal supply schedule contracts share several similarities but they also have considerable differences. Some of the similarities include that they are a fast, convenient and effective strategy of contracting. Through the contracts, the federal government is able to develop suitable relationships with commercial companies and it uses...

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Digital Supply Chain Management

The emergence of computers and the internet has considerably transformed the manner in which businesses are conducted. This is especially with regards to communications. Popularity of the internet has resulted in many businesses becoming purely online businesses, meaning that they lack physical presence (Information Resources Management Association, 2013). This is...

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Warehousing in Global Supply Chain Management

The importance of warehousing in global supply chain management is arguably the most important aspect of supply chain management. Without organized, efficient, and cost-controlled warehousing, “market pressures such as smaller shipments, faster delivery, and rapid proliferation of products make warehouse management difficult for meeting the demand for high service quality...

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Uncertainty in a Global Supply Chain

Uncertainty, to a business, is any sort of change in regular protocol, or expected occurrence, that could disrupt the normal business flow. Uncertainty in a global supply chain can break a company, by decreasing profits made or increasing costs, if the company is not fully prepared for any backlash the...

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Triple a Supply Chain

Historically, companies in almost every industry have aimed for supply chain networks that are fast and cost-efficient but these two goals when achieved almost never translate into sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, focus on these two traits often leads to price markdowns and, thus, lower profit margins. The key to...

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