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Supply and Demand

The Supply and Demand of Cocoa and Chocolate

On the market, prices are determined by demand and supply and it is in continual flux. Demand is the volume of a product that consumer can and wants to buy, and supply is the volume of a product that producers are willing and able to produce. The equilibrium point determines...

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The Law of Supply

In microeconomic theory, the law of supply expresses a relationship between products and prices. According to the law, the increase in a price of a product means that the quantity of a product also increases. (Arnold, 68) From the reverse perspective, therefore, the decrease in the price of the product...

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Technology in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The advent of globalization and information systems has influenced a massive transformation in major business operations across the world today. This is because various processes have undergone revolutions to meet the demands and expectation of the society (Robert, 2008). Procurement procedures have also been subjected to the changes in the...

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Supply Chain the Smartphone at the Manufacturer Level

Introduction The Smartphone is the most used mobile communication device globally. It involves most of current innovation and creativity in its design. The technology used by most Smartphone manufacturing industries is of high quality hence various Smartphone models exist. Product mix plans Product mix is the variation of products offered...

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Supply Chain Management

Introduction Promotion and adoption of elements that facilitate supply chain management is essential in the modern environment due to the need for efficiency, cost management, and other issues defined by the industry of specialization. This is illustrated by the two featured Australian companies and the need for implementation of enterprise...

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