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Supply and Demand

Supply Chain Management at Regal Marine

Techniques Regal might use to improve supply chain management There are several techniques that Regal could employ to improve their supply chain management. One of these is by monitoring the performance of all the supply chain partners. If any of one of the suppliers fails, there may be huge negative...

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Supply and Demand Simulation Research Paper

Looking towards macroeconomics, two principles/concepts that are evident in the simulation are aggregate supply and demand and how policies can effect economics on the macro level. Aggregate supply and demand involve the connection between prices and the level of output provided by a firm (positive relationship for aggregate supply, negative...

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Planning, Demand, and Supply in a Supply Chain

As a company that plays a key role in the Information Technology (IT) industry, Apple continues to define the market as a market leader in invention and innovation, cost control, and strategy. The company’s business model is reflective of its business model which requires for the organization to partake in...

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Nike Inc Supply Chain Paper

The company, Nike Incorporated, is one of the world’s largest athletic shoe retailers and the largest in the United States. It was established as an independently owned business in Oregon in 1964 and has since, grown to encompass an expansive range of athletic shoes and apparel. Furthermore, Nike is regarded...

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Meeting Social Responsibility Through Supply Chain Management

Corporations are taking up social responsibility, working toward green supply chain solutions which offer increased sustainability (Sarkis 2). This has thus far tripled the body line for companies (Carter 58). Global corporations are achieving this by directing their otherwise limited resources toward projects that offer greater economic performance and intersect...

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