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Supply and Demand

What Is Green Supply Chain Management?

Green supply chain management is a blend of science and art that helps to improve the way company succeed in obtaining raw materials to make a product or service and deliver it to its clienteles. Emerging trends in green supply chain management In the urge to create a well business...

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Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium Price

While there are many different methods by which an individual may develop, understand, and apply the concepts of economics, perhaps one of the best ways by which an individual is able to demonstrate their understanding of such concepts is through the application of those concepts to items in the world...

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Analysis of Supply Chain Scenario

The supply chain is unique for any organization considering that the expectations of customers differ from one industry to the next. The most significant component of supply chain management is satisfying the customer and primarily, customer focus. If the customer is provided with a high quality product and is satisfied...

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Analysis of Supply Chain Procedures

Analysis of Shift in Competitive Advantage from the Organizational Level to the Supply Chain Level There has been a global shift in competitive advantage from the organizational level to the supply chain level as a result of the generation of completely new product lines. Such identifiable features of products including...

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Aluminum Supply and Demand

An online article talks about the growing demand for aluminum in North America, especially from the automobile manufacturers. Aluminum demand will continue to grow at the expense of the steel as evident by Ford’s introduction of 2015 F-150 truck whose entire body is made of aluminum. This is significant because...

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