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Sustainable Economics Journal Article Review

I chose this article because it focuses on sustainable economics, which “is ethically founded on the idea of efficiency, that is non-wastefulness, in the use of scare resources” (Ballet, 2011, p. 1831). Sustainable economics is critical because it helps achieve two major goals: “(i) the satisfaction of individuals’ needs and...

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Accounting for Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

This article explore the primary problem associated with balancing the sustainability of natural resources with economic growth. Although this topic is new, it is essential in the ability to balance economic policy and the needs of environmental sustainability. The article, "Accounting for Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability: Linking Ecosystem Sustainability...

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Personal Sustainability Plan

Being healthy is more than being free from illness; it includes emotional health and a healthy frame of mind. It is important to feel good about myself and have a healthy self-image and self-esteem. Towards this goal, my personal sustainability plan involves healthy diet, active lifestyle, healthy choices, as well...

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Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Waste is perhaps the biggest issue facing the fashion industry. It is estimated that around 100 billion items of clothing and 14 billion pairs of shoes are sold on a yearly basis, and less than 20% of all textiles are recycled (Bianchi and Birtwistle, 2010). This is harmful to the...

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Sustainable and Equitable Growth for All

Inequality is an inherent fact of life and has been so for ages. For any society to truly prosper, however, ensuring that the inequalities are mitigated and that the majority in any society can reap the benefits of economic prosperity is crucial for sustainable and equitable growth. In earlier times,...

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Sustainable Living And Development

It is necessary to live sustainably. This is because living sustainable involves acquisition and possession of basic needs that are to be met in life. Living sustainable will contribute to reduction of environmental damage therefore protecting nature. By doing this creativity will be embraced, fairness practiced, long term thinking and...

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East Orange, New Jersey: Sustainability Proposal

The objective of this work in writing is to present a sustainability proposal for the city of East Orange, New Jersey. Green Infrastructure According to the Sustainable Cities Institute (2016) there are various means of creating ‘green infrastructure. One of these methods is known as ‘curb planting’. The Sustainable Cities...

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Community Sustainability Proposal: Clarkesville, Tennessee

Clarkesville, Tennessee is an area that values the environment and sustainability. However, there is always more that people can do, and always room for improvement when it comes to the environment and sustainability. The status of the sustainability is one that is good, though it could stand to be better....

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Sustainability and Business

It is not an unusual thing for both business owners and consumers to believe that businesses are only looking to make profit and achieve its bottom line. It has been much argued and disputed, but this opinion can be both true and untrue depending on the business and the nature...

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