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Sustainable energy

Crude Oil vs Petroleum

The dataset “Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries) depict the top 15 countries from which the United States imports its crude oil and petroleum. This data set shows the number of barrels per day that these 15 countries export to the United States. The data set provides information from Year-to-Date...

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Urban Sustainability

In the midst of the global environmental crisis, only sustainable families, households, communities, and cities will have a chance to survive. New strategies are developed to improve energy efficiency, resource utilization, resource efficiency, and transportation in cities. They promise to make the lives of people in cities easier and healthier....

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Proposed Solution and Cost-Benefit Analysis of White Paper

Abstract Management of wastes is significant in production to achieve sustainability. The cement manufacturing industry has embraced the concept of environmental sustainability through incineration and use of wastes to provide energy for production. Despite incineration and burning of wastes being effective ways to control waste pollution, they produce other wastes...

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Benefits of Solar Energy

The people in living in the impoverished areas in Africa are faced with various challenges. Some of the challenges are associated with the production and use of energy. The use of unsustainable sources of energy has become one of the biggest concerns that has reduced the quality of life in...

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Environmental Engineering

In essence, engineering is all about getting to the bottom of a problem and solving it to make things better. Engineers apply their skills to develop, design, maintain and build products and services that can protect people from adverse environmental effects like pollution, as well as safeguard and improve the...

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Alternative Energy Options

Two alternatives to fossil fuels that are currently available are geothermal energy and nuclear energy. Some of the barriers that prevent geothermal energy from replacing coal, oil, and natural gas as our primary means of energy are the water requirements for geothermal development projects (Callison, 2010) and the potential for...

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Alternate Fuel Sources

The American customers have shown lower appetite for gasoline products since the increase in price to around $4 per gallon. The harmful effects of the greenhouse gases being released through exhaust pipes and the resulting smog covering wide population areas inspired the public to research new ways to manage the...

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Solar and Alternative Energy

A clean and non-polluting energy is referred to as the renewable energy while it does not produce toxic waste or emit greenhouse gases. Alternative energy sources are vital for generating electricity considering the shrinking rates of natural resources on a global scale. Thus, the deployment of the sustainable energy sources...

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Green Power: Opinion Essay

Conventional power has enormously bad impact on nature: air pollution, drilling, mining, gas emission, combustion of natural gas, oil and coal etc. are only several of ways of harming environment when using conventional energy. To make energy production more environment-friendly scientists came up with the idea of green power, i.e....

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The Green Economy for Sustainable Development Initiative

Is going green a sustainably initiative for the UAE? In 2012, the UAE proposed a go green initiative that was focused on the promotion of an environmentally sustainability and work for the UAE inhabitants that is both feasible and decent. The initiative was initially introduced in 2012 by “Vice President...

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How to Enhance Solar Energy in Florida

Problem Solar energy is a renewable power source with a significant economic and environmental potential. Solar power plants convert the energy of the sun into electricity using several methods and technologies. Since the sunlight is unlimited and free, it makes solar energy attractive for humanity, regarding its current dependence on...

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Environmental Sustainability in the EU

While the speed of social and industrial processes was rapidly increasing, scientists became alarmed by the number of consumed resources. Therefore, these resources must be protected and used wisely to ensure survival and prosperity of contemporary and future generations (National Research Council, 2011). Since 1992, the members of the United...

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The Role of OPEC Member-States in Saving the Environment

The world is unfair. Today there is continued destruction of the environment by industry and households, and the allocation of these resources and the negative consequences is unfairly distributed. The developing world, which has not had the advantage of access to resources that allows for the same level of consumption...

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Fossil Fuel Energy and Carbon Dioxide Emission

With the increasing energy demand in the developing nations such as China and India, it is evident that future world economy is expected to consume more energy. Additionally, the incredible menace of climate change and green house effect linked with the use of fossil fuels makes its production and supply...

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Solar Energy from California Native American Reservations

Part 1A large section of Native Americans living on the reservations is found in remote areas with no access to power and lights. Dirt roads divide neighbors and make the cost of connecting power to each of the homes economically impossible, which means that many homes do not have any...

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Natural Resource Economics

AbstractNatural resources are essential in all aspects of life. Most products comprise of a certain degree of natural resources. Utilization of natural resources is regulated through licenses and taxes by governments or individual states. According to Tietenberg & Lewis, (2016), they are of various types and are categorized into renewable...

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The Future of Coal

Coal as an industry in the U.S. has seen its glory days. Bond and stock prices of coal companies are reflecting this reality. You should support legislation to increase environmental controls on coal-fired power generation (CFPG). It is unlikely a position can be reached that placates both the coal industry...

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Should We Go Green to Reduce the Impact On Our Environment?

IntroductionThe question is, “To be or not to be.” The answer to that question should be, “to be.” In order “to be,” a healthy environment is mandatory. Taking a look around today, it seems painfully obvious why there is really no other way “to be” but “green.” There is a...

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The Economics of Green Infrastructure

The research topic that this article will explain is the Economics of Green Infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to the practice where various activities carried out by the people of a community rely on nature protection and conservation. Most of the infrastructural facilities in such a community are designed in a...

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Let’s Make It Green

Environmental pollution world over has reached intolerable levels that have necessitated individuals, organizations, and governments to take steps towards conservation measures. Also, conservation measures are implemented differently depending on the jurisdiction in question with some countries upholding stringent laws aimed at promoting conservation measures.Noteworthy, human activities such as deforestation has...

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