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Sustainable energy

Crude Oil vs Petroleum

The dataset “Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries) depict the top 15 countries from which the United States imports its crude oil and petroleum. This data set shows the number of barrels per day that these 15 countries export to the United States. The data set provides information from Year-to-Date...

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Urban Sustainability

In the midst of the global environmental crisis, only sustainable families, households, communities, and cities will have a chance to survive. New strategies are developed to improve energy efficiency, resource utilization, resource efficiency, and transportation in cities. They promise to make the lives of people in cities easier and healthier....

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Proposed Solution and Cost-Benefit Analysis of White Paper

Abstract Management of wastes is significant in production to achieve sustainability. The cement manufacturing industry has embraced the concept of environmental sustainability through incineration and use of wastes to provide energy for production. Despite incineration and burning of wastes being effective ways to control waste pollution, they produce other wastes...

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Benefits of Solar Energy

The people in living in the impoverished areas in Africa are faced with various challenges. Some of the challenges are associated with the production and use of energy. The use of unsustainable sources of energy has become one of the biggest concerns that has reduced the quality of life in...

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Environmental Engineering

In essence, engineering is all about getting to the bottom of a problem and solving it to make things better. Engineers apply their skills to develop, design, maintain and build products and services that can protect people from adverse environmental effects like pollution, as well as safeguard and improve the...

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