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Sustainable energy

Alternative Energy Options

Two alternatives to fossil fuels that are currently available are geothermal energy and nuclear energy. Some of the barriers that prevent geothermal energy from replacing coal, oil, and natural gas as our primary means of energy are the water requirements for geothermal development projects (Callison, 2010) and the potential for...

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Alternate Fuel Sources

The American customers have shown lower appetite for gasoline products since the increase in price to around $4 per gallon. The harmful effects of the greenhouse gases being released through exhaust pipes and the resulting smog covering wide population areas inspired the public to research new ways to manage the...

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Solar and Alternative Energy

A clean and non-polluting energy is referred to as the renewable energy while it does not produce toxic waste or emit greenhouse gases. Alternative energy sources are vital for generating electricity considering the shrinking rates of natural resources on a global scale. Thus, the deployment of the sustainable energy sources...

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Green Power: Opinion Essay

Conventional power has enormously bad impact on nature: air pollution, drilling, mining, gas emission, combustion of natural gas, oil and coal etc. are only several of ways of harming environment when using conventional energy. To make energy production more environment-friendly scientists came up with the idea of green power, i.e....

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The Green Economy for Sustainable Development Initiative

Is going green a sustainably initiative for the UAE? In 2012, the UAE proposed a go green initiative that was focused on the promotion of an environmentally sustainability and work for the UAE inhabitants that is both feasible and decent. The initiative was initially introduced in 2012 by “Vice President...

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