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Sustainable energy

Natural Resource Economics

AbstractNatural resources are essential in all aspects of life. Most products comprise of a certain degree of natural resources. Utilization of natural resources is regulated through licenses and taxes by governments or individual states. According to Tietenberg & Lewis, (2016), they are of various types and are categorized into renewable...

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The Future of Coal

Coal as an industry in the U.S. has seen its glory days. Bond and stock prices of coal companies are reflecting this reality. You should support legislation to increase environmental controls on coal-fired power generation (CFPG). It is unlikely a position can be reached that placates both the coal industry...

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Should We Go Green to Reduce the Impact On Our Environment?

IntroductionThe question is, “To be or not to be.” The answer to that question should be, “to be.” In order “to be,” a healthy environment is mandatory. Taking a look around today, it seems painfully obvious why there is really no other way “to be” but “green.” There is a...

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The Economics of Green Infrastructure

The research topic that this article will explain is the Economics of Green Infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to the practice where various activities carried out by the people of a community rely on nature protection and conservation. Most of the infrastructural facilities in such a community are designed in a...

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Let’s Make It Green

Environmental pollution world over has reached intolerable levels that have necessitated individuals, organizations, and governments to take steps towards conservation measures. Also, conservation measures are implemented differently depending on the jurisdiction in question with some countries upholding stringent laws aimed at promoting conservation measures.Noteworthy, human activities such as deforestation has...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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