It is necessary to live sustainably. This is because living sustainable involves acquisition and possession of basic needs that are to be met in life. Living sustainable will contribute to reduction of environmental damage therefore protecting nature. By doing this creativity will be embraced, fairness practiced, long term thinking and systems which we live will be better understood.

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Since sustainability involves maintenance, it can be applied in maintaining a home. Living sustainable means you are in possession of basic needs which are food, shelter and clothing. These needs are to be met for one to stay a sustainable life. The application comes in the sense that a motivation is created to maintain living standard level an individual needs to work hard so as to achieve the live standard goals set. When all the basic needs are acquired, a home can be maintained since one can afford whatever needs with easy.

The concept of sustainability relates to Agriculture in practicing agricultural activities. During this time different kinds of agricultural practices for instance farming depend on specific climates for them to sustain comfortably. Farmers are normally keen on these climatic factors when carrying out their agricultural activities. Sustainability concept relates here by proving out that agricultural activities must adhere to the basic climatic conditions that are needed to achieve good production. I feed myself through the income that I get from the business work I do every day. This income is the profit that I make from the commodities that I sell to customers.

The best way I can practice sustainable living is to ensure that I afford every basic need through getting a good source of income. This can be achieved through working smart and hard and in life to ensure that I secure a good paying job where I will do savings and investments that will put me in a position to maintain my life in a long term period.

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