During the nineteenth century, the opera event started in Australia. The reason behind the opera event was due to the introduction of the semi-operas to the theatres that were owned by the colonial powers in Australia (Aitchison 309). During the colonial period, various renowned music oriented people started building theatres for performances of plays and opera. Various choirs would perform in the theatres while other semi-opera performers taught the natives how to do the opera, as time moved on, more and more theatres developed and opera became popular in Australia. The natives embraced the opera such that one of them decided to take the opera to the next level. Her name was Dame Nellie Melbas. Dame became famous in the opera such that she used to go around performing in different cities as she embraced opera as her career. After her legendary act, leaders various other people joined the rhythm of opera where the opera events started officially hence the building of the Sydney Opera House.
House features
The Sidney Opera House has the world’s best well-designed features in the world. The house comprises of two main halls. The halls are built side by side. Also, the walls comprise of two long axes that face north and south respectively. Also, the stage for the opera performance is placed at the center, such that it borders the city and the audience hence giving a good view of the characters on stage. The opera house also has an auditorium and a harbor for specific opera performances. The auditorium faces the opposite direction of the harbor such that the audience can have a clear view of the two sections during any performance.

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Also, the house has got a podium where the audience first gets to before taking directions to the specific hall for a particular performance. The podium is above the forecourt of the house such that, the audience has to use a staircase that is made of monumental steps. Also, the opera has a well-designed roof. The beautiful roofs comprise of shells that are derived from the surface of a fictional scope. (Vincent n.p) Also, the shells are designed in the form of precast ribs that are from the bottom of the podium that is concrete, all the way to a ridge hence forming a beam. The inside of the opera is designed and decorated with glass walls.

The Sydney opera house significance
Being one of the unique buildings in Australia, the Opera has significance to the Australia nation (Shofner 21). The building denotes that the country respects and honors the culture of the communities living in the country. The main features that denote the culture respect are the patterns used for the construction of the building interior and exterior parts. (Ann n.p) Also, the opera house has significance in the country by the show of honor and heritage value of the nation. The significance is that; the opera’s importance shows how the nation is responsible for its natural activities since ages and the holding of the culture history for the nation.Also, the Opera also shows the possession of the rare and significant artifacts of the nation since it hosts more and more visitors each year who come to enjoy and have a view of the country’s possession heritage.

Indeed, the Sydney Opera House portrays Australia’s outstanding achievement in the technical and creativity field. The building is received international acclamation in the architectural category. The construction that went on for over two decades is truly magnificent, and it is a great representation of Today’s engineering, construction and architecture.

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