Over the years, Disney has received a considerable attraction in the video game world. The sudden increase of the use of the Disney video games has been attributed to the advances in technology in the computer world and the video game industry. Reduction of faults and other weaknesses in the Disney video games is achieved by means of Triple-modular Redundancy architecture, also known as TRM architecture. Disney video games are majorly built on an operating theory that is error-free and interactivity that has brought attractions to Disney.

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Target Architecture Addressing The Technology Changes Behind Disney’s Attraction

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These three are the major TRM architecture that addresses the changes that are behind Disney’s attractions in the recent past. Interactivity in the real video world has taken several individuals dreams to new levels. The audience can participate fully in simulations and attractions with the animations. The transition from a mere screen to attraction by Disney has changed how the film world operates. Attraction is based on an interactive animations and voice activated 3-D rendering animations that work more or similar to the one initially produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

Interactivity can be said to be the major architecture behind the success of Disney film industry in contrast to the other film producing industries. For instance, there is a major improvement in the Video game Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Epcot’s Mission. In the former, guests can fire lasers at jumping aliens and the final scores tabulated and at the end of the game, ranking is issued. In the later, guest plays different roles of various astronauts. The guests manipulate rides through switchboards. The riders have an online component that enables interaction with individuals, not within the park. The internet version is a modernized model that allows for interaction as compared to other video games that lack the internet component. Interaction with attractions in the gaming world has also made Disney to stand out in the video market. Handheld products have been tested by the engineers in Tom Sawyer Island to find Injun’s treasure. The same attraction is used to capture ghosts at the Haunted Mansion. This aspect of attraction is just but a new development that existed initially but was not in use.

Another TRM architecture employed in the Disney videos is the use of different ways to take park experience. Attractions, in this case, are simply a cross between simulation thrill rides and arcade games. The two are characterized by varied video niches and various consoles to control activities and environmental change. These characteristics are evident in games like the Pirates of Caribbean and Virtual Jungle Cruise. Disney video industry in the future will delve far deep into the world of imagination with such attractions and soon there will be graphics in video games synonymous with movies.