There are several benefits of the tax system that was introduced by Napoleon. This is mainly because the system of laws was hugely disjointed. During this time when the tax laws were introduced, the existing laws were not codified. They were based on the Roman laws, monarchial paternalism and ancient customs. As a result, the introduction of reforms played a crucial role in the reform implementation. There was a substantial need for reforms simply because the people could not understand what laws applied in what situation. As well, the existing laws were not equally applicable to everyone.
One of the most crucial reforms that were implemented in Napoleon was the tax system. The tax system ensured that all people contributed to developments in the central government. In essence, the taxes paid by the people ensured that the government delivers the necessary services to the citizens. In addition to the above, the Napoleon centralized government became highly efficient due to the taxes paid by the residents.

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In addition to the above, the tax system was beneficial since it gave rise to the civil service. The taxes paid were also used in enhancing the military. This is mainly because the military required funds and other facilities. As well, the taxes collected were utilized to build numerous lycees. These are the schools that were attended by boys within the age of 10 and 16 years. In essence, the centralized government recognized the significance of education. Firstly, they realized that education would be essential for training and producing citizens that can be very useful and competent in the military. Secondly, the centralized Napoleon government knew that the educated citizens would take up positions in the bureaucracy department. Therefore, as a result of the tax system the education and military sector substantially improved.