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Sugary Drink Tax in Switzerland

Several countries have considered introducing or have introduced a sugar tax for certain items such as soft drinks. The reasoning behind this tax is that there are numerous health concerns associated with sugar consumption, such as obesity or diabetes. As today’s world becomes more digital, there are greater incidences of...

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Taxes and Budget

The objective of this project is to investigate how to budget and to begin to understand how to pay off debt while growing savings after obtaining a job. In this situation, it is 2021 and I have obtained a starter job with a gross income of $29,000 annually. I have...

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Fixing The National Debt

A national debt refers to the amount that a state owes. It is also referred to as government debt or public debt. National debt is measured by the value of the treasury securities that are outstanding. The securities are usually issued by either the treasury or federal government agencies. Gross...

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Times Interest Earned Ratio

Times interest earned ratio tells us about an organization’s ability to meets its interest obligations. In other words, it tells us how many times pre-tax income covers the interest obligations and as a result, the higher the ratio is, the better because it implies better liquidity position (Investopedia). The data...

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Texas Income Tax

Texas is a state that is among the most populated in the United States. It holds a tremendous amount of power in the federal government because it has a lot of representatives based off of its large population. Texas is one of a handful of states that prides itself on...

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Clover Machines: Minimizing Global Taxes

Abstract Due to the structures of international taxation and accounting, Clover Machines is taking a look into whether a JV is the appropriate structure for their India branch. They want to know which organizational structure, subsidiary or joint venture (JV), will work the best for them, and they need to...

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Property Tax Relief

The property tax relief idea would help protect the low- and middle-income taxpayers from an excessive property tax. The main aim behind the need for this policy’s enactment should be to reduce the tax across all income levels, example homestead exclusion. The policy would also seek to exploit failures of...

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General Rules of Interpretation

The General Rules of Interpretation (GIR) are set in place to ensure that products imported and exported are assigned the proper tariffs. While there are six rules, only the first four are required to be followed in order. The last two rules are only meant to be applied if the...

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Tax Evasion

Recently, there has been an increasing level of attention towards tax avoidance and tax evasion schemes. Although easily confused, the two concepts are not equal. While tax evasion is a violation of the law, tax avoidance remains within boundaries of the law. In fact, some governments can even encourage the...

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Sales Taxes: Good or Bad

Generally, a sales tax is paid to governing bodies such as the City of Lawsona for the sale of specific services and goods at the point of sale, with the retailer passing on the tax to the governing body or government (Silbaugh, 2012). Businesses usually pay sales taxes in jurisdictions...

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Taxation and Its Purpose

Taxation can be defined as a means through which the government finances its expenditure by the imposition of charges on the citizens and the corporate entities. As asserted by Becker, Reimer & Rust, (2015), taxes are a source of government revenue. The government uses taxation to either encourage or discourage...

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The Effect of IFRS on Current Tax Planning Strategy

IntroductionThe adoption of IFRS will have various impacts on the tax function and planning structure. Some of the components of the tax planning structure that could be affected include tax accounting methods, domestic and international tax planning, cash taxes, and transfer pricing. The effects of the adoption on each of...

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Daniel Allemeier against the Commissioner of Internal Revenue

The case involves a tax petition filed by Daniel Allemeier against the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The petitioner’s tax returns for the year 2001 included deductions of $19,079 in deductions for business expenses. The various deduction claims included educational expenses such as tuition and parking fees associated with his education,...

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Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance and tax evasion are very similar in their nature. Both processes are aimed at reducing the amount of taxes payable to the state, and yet there are two major differences, namely legal and ethical considerations. From the legal perspective, tax avoidance is completely innocent, while tax evasion is...

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Tax Systems

Are some states at a comparative advantage such that they are able to employ more lucrative taxing systems than other states? It is without a doubt accurate to contend that some states do indeed have a comparative advantage, which enables them to employ more lucrative taxing systems than other states...

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Taxes in Texas

Texas has been termed to possess the third most regressive tax system in the United States. Taking a scope into the taxation system in Texas, one will not fail to notice that high-income earners in Texas are the ones contributing the least to local taxes compared to other states while...

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Tax Fraud and Fiscal System

Tax fraud is as old as the first fiscal system. First of all, people are not really willing to share the money they gained by their own blood and tears with something as abstract as the state for the purposes, which are not always clear. Secondly, there is no perfect...

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Analysis of the Economical Implications of Tax Fraud in the United States

Tax fraud in the United States is the process by which individuals intentionally evade taxes or mislead their tax affairs to National Authorities in order to save funds and avoid having to pay large taxes on such entities as income and capital gain on investments. Tax Fraud can take a...

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Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in England

Great Britain is to follow France, Mexico and some other countries that increased the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. In the United States in the fight against excess sugar in foods are committed leading medical experts. It's not because according to them "only" obesity is concerned, which threatens to become a...

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Fiscal Policy and Its Implications in Spain

Overview of fiscal policy toolsThe recent global financial crisis had tremendous effects on Spain’s economy. This crisis resulted in massive unemployment and reduced economic activity. Since 2011, the Spanish government implemented different fiscal policies focused on structural reforms and fiscal consolidation (Ricci-Risquete & Ramajo, 2015). The objective of the government...

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