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Taxes and Budget

The objective of this project is to investigate how to budget and to begin to understand how to pay off debt while growing savings after obtaining a job. In this situation, it is 2021 and I have obtained a starter job with a gross income of $29,000 annually. I have...

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Sugary Drink Tax in Switzerland

Several countries have considered introducing or have introduced a sugar tax for certain items such as soft drinks. The reasoning behind this tax is that there are numerous health concerns associated with sugar consumption, such as obesity or diabetes. As today’s world becomes more digital, there are greater incidences of...

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Fixing The National Debt

A national debt refers to the amount that a state owes. It is also referred to as government debt or public debt. National debt is measured by the value of the treasury securities that are outstanding. The securities are usually issued by either the treasury or federal government agencies. Gross...

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Times Interest Earned Ratio

Times interest earned ratio tells us about an organization’s ability to meets its interest obligations. In other words, it tells us how many times pre-tax income covers the interest obligations and as a result, the higher the ratio is, the better because it implies better liquidity position (Investopedia). The data...

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Texas Income Tax

Texas is a state that is among the most populated in the United States. It holds a tremendous amount of power in the federal government because it has a lot of representatives based off of its large population. Texas is one of a handful of states that prides itself on...

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