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Clover Machines: Minimizing Global Taxes

Abstract Due to the structures of international taxation and accounting, Clover Machines is taking a look into whether a JV is the appropriate structure for their India branch. They want to know which organizational structure, subsidiary or joint venture (JV), will work the best for them, and they need to...

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Property Tax Relief

The property tax relief idea would help protect the low- and middle-income taxpayers from an excessive property tax. The main aim behind the need for this policy’s enactment should be to reduce the tax across all income levels, example homestead exclusion. The policy would also seek to exploit failures of...

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General Rules of Interpretation

The General Rules of Interpretation (GIR) are set in place to ensure that products imported and exported are assigned the proper tariffs. While there are six rules, only the first four are required to be followed in order. The last two rules are only meant to be applied if the...

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Tax Evasion

Recently, there has been an increasing level of attention towards tax avoidance and tax evasion schemes. Although easily confused, the two concepts are not equal. While tax evasion is a violation of the law, tax avoidance remains within boundaries of the law. In fact, some governments can even encourage the...

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Sales Taxes: Good or Bad

Generally, a sales tax is paid to governing bodies such as the City of Lawsona for the sale of specific services and goods at the point of sale, with the retailer passing on the tax to the governing body or government (Silbaugh, 2012). Businesses usually pay sales taxes in jurisdictions...

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