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Taxation and Its Purpose

Taxation can be defined as a means through which the government finances its expenditure by the imposition of charges on the citizens and the corporate entities. As asserted by Becker, Reimer & Rust, (2015), taxes are a source of government revenue. The government uses taxation to either encourage or discourage...

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The Effect of IFRS on Current Tax Planning Strategy

IntroductionThe adoption of IFRS will have various impacts on the tax function and planning structure. Some of the components of the tax planning structure that could be affected include tax accounting methods, domestic and international tax planning, cash taxes, and transfer pricing. The effects of the adoption on each of...

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Daniel Allemeier against the Commissioner of Internal Revenue

The case involves a tax petition filed by Daniel Allemeier against the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The petitioner’s tax returns for the year 2001 included deductions of $19,079 in deductions for business expenses. The various deduction claims included educational expenses such as tuition and parking fees associated with his education,...

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Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance and tax evasion are very similar in their nature. Both processes are aimed at reducing the amount of taxes payable to the state, and yet there are two major differences, namely legal and ethical considerations. From the legal perspective, tax avoidance is completely innocent, while tax evasion is...

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Tax Systems

Are some states at a comparative advantage such that they are able to employ more lucrative taxing systems than other states? It is without a doubt accurate to contend that some states do indeed have a comparative advantage, which enables them to employ more lucrative taxing systems than other states...

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