In many schools in the present society, students encounter more than one history class. The classes cover a significant ground that ranges from studying about the ancient Mesopotamians to the end of Cold War after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the modern society. Despite acquiring all these knowledge as well as the effort that is being spent on learning and teaching history in modern schools, it is shocking that most American students often are uninformed about multiple past events or even various major events that have occurred in American and even in other parts of world. In the present, acquiring knowledge in history is essential. Studying history is important and necessary since being aware of the past is equivalent to understanding the various events that have taken place since the existence of humans which can be applied for the purpose of making assumptions in regard to the future of mankind. The recommended study of history involves understanding the fundamental issues of wars and the pioneers of literature, mathematics, and philosophy. It is important to teach people history but the present efforts to teach history are clearly not enough and effective.

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The present criteria of teaching history appears to be grounded on the old and outdated strategy of divide and conquer. Instead of trying the admittedly impossible exercise of teaching one class about the entire history of the world, students can be taught about some parts or sections of history at a time. This strategy can be achieved by employing various classes such as US History, World History, and the World Cultures. These classes can be subdivided further into categories that are commonly based on the specific period that such events took place such as the beginning of the Industrial Age or Revolution. This will enable students to learn about past historical events in pieces and bits, as they took place over time and place based on the speed of the teacher and the class. In addition, instead of concentrating on a single area, or covering a broad scope of history, the present school system should embrace a more middle of the road approach of teaching history in bits and sections at a time. This teaching method can be successful in presenting students with a brief overview of history of various events and people.

However, a better method of teaching history that ensures history is delivered in a correct manner for students can be used. Learning institutions should begin delegating the present approach to the middle and elementary schools. The fundamental understanding and memorization of history used to teach history classes in high school can be applied in middle schools. In addition, a pared-down version can be used in elementary schools to introduce history. This will lessen the workload in high schools hence enable them focus in delivering in-depth understanding of past events. High schools can have classes that provide analysis of historical themes and recurrent patterns, that broadly cover various aspects of history and classes that concentrate on a single aspect and get into its details.

The new teaching method can be specifically effective in many dedicated students. Such students will both excel under the method and also thrive in their history classes. On the other hand, the new method will not be forced upon the less driven students but instead, the old methods would be used for them and indeed, they can perform better. However, the new method can be beneficial for students who wish to excel, and enjoy learning history. In a nutshell, the new teaching system, if applied well, can lead to astonishing results in history among many students across the country. This will enable the US to be a more literate society in regard to events happening in the country and across the planet as a whole.

I have not used the Rogerian style of argumentation before in my studies and even my career. However I find the style to be interesting and in future, I will use the argumentation style because it is effective since it accommodates the views of the opposing side and even supports them to be used in case the proposed views are not effective.