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Using Comics to Teach Distance-Time Graph

Mathematics is thematically unified by the constituents of functions, relationships, and patterns. Students, from the earliest of ages, ought to be invigorated to examine patterns found in shapes, expressions, and numbers which then allows them to make mathematical discoveries. Children should be provided with opportunities to create, analyze and extend...

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Addressing Teacher’s Burnout

Global research shows that teacher burnout is one of the main reasons teachers have a problem with teaching. Teacher burnout is a factor that affects many teachers in their duty, yet there are very few who know what it is. According to studies, teachers join the institution very energetic, with...

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Teaching Academic Reading Class

Discussion-based academic teaching is among the most intricate methods of education but also be among the most rewarding. Precisely, using discussions as the primary method of teaching enables the teacher to stimulate critical thinking. While the teacher creates a rapport with the students, he or she can indeed show gratitude...

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Techniques Used to Teach Math Effectively

As a sixth grade teacher, I use a variety of techniques to teach mathematics effectively. One of the most valuable techniques is the use of manipulatives, such as money, dice, and even food. This gives students a hands-on experience that helps them understand how the mathematical concepts we are learning...

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Vygotsky and Piaget

The following paper compares and contrasts the approaches of two famous educators: Vygotsky and Piaget. This analysis is carried out using a research article by Lourenco (2012), where the author meticulously analyzes the two theories, that of Vygotsky and Piaget. To begin with, Vygotsky and Piaget (2012) can be considered...

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Teaching Methods

In Chapter 1 of Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners, the authors suggest that ESL students can gain adequacy in word-level skills, learning decoding, word recognition and spelling, but do not gain adequacy in text-level skills, including reading comprehension and writing. Thus, students and teachers can improve. On reviewing the...

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Liability of Teacher

At issue in this case is the question of what responsibility a teacher has to a student in the context of a field trip. There could be potential liability for the teacher, and by extension, for the school, if the teacher was negligent in his behavior toward the students. According...

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The program including the curriculum comprises of various methods for learning the Arabic language. These are related to various sets of skills such as learning how to read, write, and speak in Arabic. Moreover, students will get a chance to get acquainted with the Arabic alphabet which will open them...

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Comparison of Pedagogical and Andragogical Approaches to Instrcution and Learning

Both andragogical and pedagogical approaches to instruction and learning focus on providing a set age group of people with extensive learning opportunities and the ability to be provided with a unique insight into particular techniques and skills pertaining to a learning concept or knowledge base (Deveci, 2007). For example, they...

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Research Design

The research question for the identified study was defined as “How effective were the professional development programs in improving teacher skills, as perceived by students of Green Valley Community College?” Following the identification of the research question, it becomes necessary to define the research design that will be used in...

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Technology in the Education Industry

In recent years, technology has revolutionized practices in a wide range of industries. Therefore, in order to be successful, an organization must include technology in its day-to-day activities, and it must remain up-to-date with the latest changes in technology. One industry in which technology has made a significant impact is...

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What Does It Take To Be Successful In The Classroom

What does it take to be successful in the classroom? Aside from the obvious requirement of studying, just how necessary is it to like the teacher in order to achieve that passing grade? Teachers want to influence their students and be a positive influence on them. “I want to make...

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Teaching Content about Smoking Cessation

Upon the completion of this study plan, the learner should be able to explain how smoking tobacco is harmful to the human body and the physical, mental and reproductive health reasons to stop smoking. He/she should also explain the need for counseling to end bad smoking habits and the benefits...

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Stroke Management Teaching Plan

The patient was experiencing serious weakness of the right arm. In addition, the patient was not able to speak coherently. There was difficulty understanding what the patient was saying. The patient was also generally weak as the right side of body parts, including the leg, arm and eye, failed to...

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My Teaching Experience at IEL

My journey at IEL was the most wonderful teaching experience that I have gained so far. Through my time working with my head teacher, Karen, I have learned so much about Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESL) and how to structure class activities and lecture time. Also, I have...

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Math and Science Education in California

The E-Source Report (2009), entitled “Algebra Policy in California: Great Expectations and Serious Challenges,” argues that “most California policymakers and educators would likely agree that all students need to take and master algebra – and that they need to do so as early as possible in their school careers” (1)....

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Individual Reading Conferences

Continuous independent reading can be realized through the help of individual reading conferences and reading workshops. The two are a great way of enhancing reading skills, understanding and instilling a skill that will go a long way in enhancing a child’s ability. Such conferences greatly help a learner’s reading capabilities...

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Commercially Prepared Teaching Methods

Commercially prepared learning and instructional materials like posters, brochures, client-focused texts and pamphlets, are normally available from vendors (Bastable, 2009 ). This means that they are shipped with the products and are meant to instruct the consumers on how to best use the product that the instructional material comes with...

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Teaching Experience Reflection

There are always great rewards that come with teaching. Having the experience to teach anyone is self-gratifying. I was presented with a great opportunity of teaching English as a Second Language students. The experience undoubtedly opened up my eyes to the challenges as well as the benefits of teaching adults....

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A Memoir about an Influential Teacher

I have had good teachers and bad teachers in my life, but Mr. Czakowski stands out as a teacher who made the greatest impact on me as a student and as a person. Mr. C. was not perfect. In fact, they often strayed from their lesson plan. We were often...

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