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Why Teaching? Statement of Educational Purpose

Of all the questions I am commonly given “But why teaching?” is the most frequent. Certainly there are many reasons for individuals to ponder why one would choose to make education one’s life’s work; teachers are often overworked and underpaid in comparison with other professions, the content that teachers are...

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Improving Students’ Motivation

IntroductionMotivation is an extremely important intrinsic force that allows people to work towards specific goals, improve their performance and satisfy their needs (Burns, 2008, p.120). Its impact on human behavior is so significant that scientists have recently associated a variety of detrimental symptoms such as debilitating laziness and apathy with...

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Career Goals In Writing, Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Education

Throughout the process of pursuing my Ph.D., there are three goals in mind relevant to the nature of international development work. These three goals, I feel, are attainable and with the assistance of my Ph.D. I can receive the knowledge to turn these goals into achievements. The goals are to...

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Mentoring in Educational Leadership

For more than 30 years scholars have been studying the processes used in adopting new innovations. The two famous adoption models are (Rogers’ 1995) Diffusion of Innovations and Hall and (Hord’s 1987) Change in Schools. However, these models come with their limitations;Learning system are not an independent communal organization. The...

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Critical Issues and Current Problems, as Well as Possible Solutions, for Foreign Language Education

Since the late 1960s, scholarly interest into how second languages are acquired has been consistently in evidence (Ellis, 2005, p. 210), just as the emphasis on cultural diversity in more recent decades has fueled a far greater motivation in acquiring foreign languages. As globalization eliminates barriers between cultures, the learning...

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