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Teaching Methods

In Chapter 1 of Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners, the authors suggest that ESL students can gain adequacy in word-level skills, learning decoding, word recognition and spelling, but do not gain adequacy in text-level skills, including reading comprehension and writing. Thus, students and teachers can improve. On reviewing the...

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Liability of Teacher

At issue in this case is the question of what responsibility a teacher has to a student in the context of a field trip. There could be potential liability for the teacher, and by extension, for the school, if the teacher was negligent in his behavior toward the students. According...

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The program including the curriculum comprises of various methods for learning the Arabic language. These are related to various sets of skills such as learning how to read, write, and speak in Arabic. Moreover, students will get a chance to get acquainted with the Arabic alphabet which will open them...

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Comparison of Pedagogical and Andragogical Approaches to Instrcution and Learning

Both andragogical and pedagogical approaches to instruction and learning focus on providing a set age group of people with extensive learning opportunities and the ability to be provided with a unique insight into particular techniques and skills pertaining to a learning concept or knowledge base (Deveci, 2007). For example, they...

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Research Design

The research question for the identified study was defined as “How effective were the professional development programs in improving teacher skills, as perceived by students of Green Valley Community College?” Following the identification of the research question, it becomes necessary to define the research design that will be used in...

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