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Technology in the Education Industry

In recent years, technology has revolutionized practices in a wide range of industries. Therefore, in order to be successful, an organization must include technology in its day-to-day activities, and it must remain up-to-date with the latest changes in technology. One industry in which technology has made a significant impact is...

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What Does It Take To Be Successful In The Classroom

What does it take to be successful in the classroom? Aside from the obvious requirement of studying, just how necessary is it to like the teacher in order to achieve that passing grade? Teachers want to influence their students and be a positive influence on them. “I want to make...

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Teaching Content about Smoking Cessation

Upon the completion of this study plan, the learner should be able to explain how smoking tobacco is harmful to the human body and the physical, mental and reproductive health reasons to stop smoking. He/she should also explain the need for counseling to end bad smoking habits and the benefits...

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Stroke Management Teaching Plan

The patient was experiencing serious weakness of the right arm. In addition, the patient was not able to speak coherently. There was difficulty understanding what the patient was saying. The patient was also generally weak as the right side of body parts, including the leg, arm and eye, failed to...

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My Teaching Experience at IEL

My journey at IEL was the most wonderful teaching experience that I have gained so far. Through my time working with my head teacher, Karen, I have learned so much about Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESL) and how to structure class activities and lecture time. Also, I have...

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