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Math and Science Education in California

The E-Source Report (2009), entitled “Algebra Policy in California: Great Expectations and Serious Challenges,” argues that “most California policymakers and educators would likely agree that all students need to take and master algebra – and that they need to do so as early as possible in their school careers” (1)....

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Individual Reading Conferences

Continuous independent reading can be realized through the help of individual reading conferences and reading workshops. The two are a great way of enhancing reading skills, understanding and instilling a skill that will go a long way in enhancing a child’s ability. Such conferences greatly help a learner’s reading capabilities...

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Commercially Prepared Teaching Methods

Commercially prepared learning and instructional materials like posters, brochures, client-focused texts and pamphlets, are normally available from vendors (Bastable, 2009 ). This means that they are shipped with the products and are meant to instruct the consumers on how to best use the product that the instructional material comes with...

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Teaching Experience Reflection

There are always great rewards that come with teaching. Having the experience to teach anyone is self-gratifying. I was presented with a great opportunity of teaching English as a Second Language students. The experience undoubtedly opened up my eyes to the challenges as well as the benefits of teaching adults....

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A Memoir about an Influential Teacher

I have had good teachers and bad teachers in my life, but Mr. Czakowski stands out as a teacher who made the greatest impact on me as a student and as a person. Mr. C. was not perfect. In fact, they often strayed from their lesson plan. We were often...

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