What leadership issues will Stewart face throughout organizing this practice clinicians into a team?
In his current capacity, Stewart faces a myriad of leadership issues, including a dire need to communicate between Business Development’s needs at BHS and the needs of network providers who want quick easy solutions but don’t understand BHS’s need to quantify treatment because of their case basis charging method.

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How will clinicians values and opinions be factored into acceptance?
If BHS charged on a fee-for-service basis they could perhaps work more acutely with the network providers to provide the exact treatment and coverage they demand but as it stands, Stewart must learn to handle these differences and work with network providers to come to conclusions that satisfy everyone involved.

Discuss the importance of communicating and training in the process of building the acceptance and collaboration of new network providers.
The acceptance of new network providers requires ongoing cooperation and collaboration, which is something that Stewart must facilitate by both communicating with patients about their concerns and objectives and with network providers about the same.

Discussion of issues around reimbursement
There are many traits that are representative of team collaboration, including communication, compromise, and innovation. A good collaborator recognizes that the best solution may not yet be on the table and is willing to hear out all suggestions before reaching a conclusion. This, coupled with reasoned communication and the willingness to compromise on specifics (by seeing the bigger picture), will allow someone in Stewart’s position to negotiate for effective network agreements that help patients reach the objectives they need, while using a per case basis, and charging fairly and consistently, which will provide Business Development with the quantifiable objectives it desires.

Regarding reimbursement, referral, and practice patterns, it is crucial that BHS is carefully monitoring all of its work specifications so that it can be credited for them. While a per case basis is a simpler approach for accounting, it can mean that the health insurers who are going to reimburse suspect shady dealings and want audits. By maintaining transparency through the cases and ensuring that all processes are well documented, these elements can be handled professionally, which will ensure referrals and reimbursements are painless.