Google hired the former CFO and EVP, Ruth Porat, of Morgan Stanley in May 2015 and started a modified business strategy that benefits Google. That is to transform Google as a branch from the Alphabet, Inc. There are four Board Committees within Google: the Audit Committee, the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and the Executive Committee. From the descriptions on the website above, I think the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee would be better to be critiqued. The Committee is chaired by Paul S. Otellini, and K. Ram Shriram. The description on the website is pretty self-explanatory, so I am going to go straight to the steps to be taken.
Section 1- a brief explanation of the team in question and why it was chosen for this assignment. Be sure to support how this was a team and not just a group. Describe the nature and objectives of the team and its leadership structure.

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I would like you all to think about which committee is the best one for you to critique and see if you all agree with my decision. I think out of all the committees, the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee is much simpler to write about. The second link that I found from addressed the difference between groups and teams. That should help you describe how this Committee is a team not a group. Also, the last part of this section is basically using what is described on the Google website.

Section 2 – discuss how successful this team was and the reasons for that success or lack thereof. What organizational conditions or circumstances affected the team? How well did the members coordinate their efforts? Was there evidence of synergy? What did you notice in terms of the stages of team development? How did the events compare to what the “book” says should happen? Be sure to include specific behavioral evidence and course concepts to support your argument.

For this section, be sure to discuss the purpose of the committee, which links to the organizational conditions or circumstances that affect the team. This committee that I chose plays an essential role in administrative decisions. This committee can hire or fire the chair at any time. It has other authority power to monitor and control administrative decisions for the company.

Section 3 – discuss what you might have done differently in a leadership role and why.
I personally do not think that I might have done differently in a leadership role because the modified business strategy that Ruth brought to Google became something beneficial financially and that the stock value of Google has been increased since then. However, you can discuss why the way it went is fine as it is in the leadership role. Hint: The bottom line is to benefit the company.

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