The main objective of this brief memo is to accord you with information that will enable you to effectively cope with your role, with regards to the writing of reports on the job. Reports serve various important purposes at the XYZ Company and it is therefore important that you follow the stringent policies and procedures that guide report writing at the organisation. At XYZ Company, reports are graded based on how best they achieve their goal of passing across important information, using several steps. This means that how you will engage in the steps influences the success or failure that you will achieve in your report writing.
First of all, you will always analyse the reasons for the reports that you right. Different reports are written for different reasons. Understanding the reason why you are writing the report will make it possible for you to better plan on how you will write and deliver the report. Additionally, it will allow you to break down the components of the report into smaller manageable sections. This will guarantee that you will be able to ensure that all vital aspects of the report are comprehensively covered.

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The analysis of the reasons for the report will allow you to identify who the audience of the report are, and also what possible outcome or content they expect from the report. You will also be able to identify available resources and how they can facilitate the successful development and delivery of your report. This will always allow you to identify the different approaches that you may take to ensure that you get to write a comprehensive and effective report. This includes what language to use and the level of technical jargon that can be incorporated into the report.

After analysing why the report is required and who its intended audience is, you will have to focus on exploring the various different approaches that you can use to write the report with special reference to what information you will include, and or exclude in the report. This aspect will allow you to develop convincing reports on the job. Additionally, it will allow you to determine how best you can organise the content of the report.

This step is followed by a comparison and contrast of the possible content of the report and how the content is arranged. In line with this process you will evaluate possible challenges and opportunities which can enhance or hinder your ability to deliver a convincing and comprehensive report. By evaluating the different approaches, content and their implications, you will also make considerations of how the writing of the content conforms to the available ethical and legal procedures of the XYZ Company.

The next process will entail you selecting the best alternative approach after analysing all other approaches. You will determine what would be the most appropriate content of the report. You will then access the available resources and use the ethical and legal frameworks of the company to guide your content gathering processes. You should always remember to thoroughly proof read the final draft of the report before you provide it to your superiors at the organisation.

After the compilation of your report, which may include the use of appropriate visual aide depending on the expected outcome of the report as well as its target audience, you will present your report. When reporting or delivering a report to proper channels you should always consider the available communication guidelines of XYZ Company. If you follow all of the provided guidelines, you will be sure to always deliver relevant, comprehensive reports at XYZ Company. I wish you the best of luck.