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Team Creation

Project management cannot be effective without teams. Team building represents a crucial element of project management and a defining factor of its performance. Any project team must incorporate professionals from several different disciplines. Relevant procedures to prevent conflict or resolve them, if they arise, must be in place. To a...

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Organizational Teams

Almost all organizations have teams. There are many types of teams in most modern organizations. Formal teams are created by management for specific purposes. Informal teams evolve naturally, especially in organizations that have participative and empowering management programs for their employees. Teams are best classified according to their purposes. Quality...

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The Effects of Multitasking

Take your time and think about all the things you are doing right now – it’s quite clear to me that you are going through this article, but odds are that you are also doing several things at this same moment. Maybe you're also listening to some music, using your...

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Performance Measurement

The State Public Health System Performance Assessment measures the capacity and infrastructure of state public health systems and helps states to recognize where improvements can be made (ASTHO, 2013). To answer this discussion question, the 2012 Montana state health assessment was thoroughly reviewed. According to the assessment, the Montana Department...

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Managing Team Conflict

Introduction Group conflict deters the group from achieving successes. Successful groups tend to have lower levels of conflict (Jehn & Mannix, 2001). Group conflict has a variety of causations. Conflicts among group members can be interpersonal, culturally related, or work-related (Hardin, 1999). Although there are differentiations in the types of...

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