Techno Valley is Kuwait-based Technology Company which specializes in the production of personalized software and hardware components for the consumers. The company targets both businesses and individual computer users in its operations. Development of personalized computer components has proved to be a profitable line of business for the organization especially as most computer users are dissatisfied with the stock options available in the market. Subsequently, the users seek to have options at their disposal that will fit to their specific needs. The high demand for personalized computer components including software and hardware choices is what has contributed to the rapid growth in the company. Despite having tremendous success within Kuwait, the company is looking to expand its operations globally. The company is seeking to develop a new strategy to help it capture the global market.
The proposition is that to help the business develop further, the company should expand its operation to the mobile phone industry. While the company has achieved tremendous growth in the computer industry, it has not achieved its full potential due to dwindling usage of computers. There is a global paradigm shift from computer usage to mobile usage because of the different advantages that mobile phones provide including easier internet access, a wider variety of applications and more mobility. The market is characterized by a higher number of individual users as opposed to business users. The higher number of individuals provides a higher advantage for business as there is likely to be more users of the software as opposed to business users. For example, a business computer can be used by over ten employees to perform different tasks while the ten employees are likely to own ten different smartphones, each owned individually.

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In conclusion, diversification of the operations of Techno Valley into production of customized mobile phone components, both software and hardware, has a high potential to boost the company to a global status. Globally, there are about three billion mobile phone users as opposed to about three million computers in use today. However, the mobile phone industry is characterized by lower levels of customizable components, especially software, software than the computer industry. Subsequently, this creates a business gap which Techno Valley can tap into to expand its business operations.