‘Technology: Future Intelligence’ is the documentary produced by Discovery Channel that presents the potential implications of the role of technology in the overall shifting image of the future world and everyday operations. The documentary comprises of several parts, each of them presenting a different dimension of technological advancements. A huge emphasis of the documentary is stressed on the potential role of the artificial intelligence and the potential representation in the daily operations of the ordinary people. The main reason why the documentary was produced is that the authors aimed at looking into the future in order to understand what the humanity shall expect several decades from now. Moreover, another reason why the documentary was produced was to look what are the potential effects, if the human brain power would fade away. Thus, the main reason was to look at what the future can bring to the lives of ordinary individuals in the case if common aspects of everyday life would be left behind. The location of the documentary was not clear, as various locations where the role of technology was boosting forward was mentioned. In fact, the target audience comprised of the first-world countries, as they are the ones to stimulate the development of the world in the several years from now. Ultimately, one could reach the effects of boosting the knowledge in many areas.
The filmmaker’s motives for the documentary were rather clear, as the team aimed at illustrating the potential that the future can bring for many individuals. In other words, what now seems to be unreal, in the future could become daily operations. One of the critical aspects that were touched upon was the artificial intelligence and its popularity in the future. Directors certainly prepare the audience for a rethinking of using artificial intelligence for different purposes and look at it as it was one of the means of daily life. The effectiveness of the devices can be proven by the fact that the documentary comprises of seven parts, each focusing on the specific aspect of the technological advancements and presenting specific implications. On one hand, one can see that the directors managed to illustrate the potential of the technological advancement by illustrating the case studies of different countries where the examples of technologies are immense and diverse in many regards. The scheme manoeuvre is also conveyed in an effective manner, as the documentary is really well structured so that the progress can be noted from the very beginning of the first part.

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Among the key issues addressed in the documentary, one can certainly remark the role of human mental ability to construct different ways of intelligence, and among others the role of artificial intelligence. By showing the multitude of perspectives, the authors also emphasise that human intelligence created artificial intelligence and other implications of technological progress, and potentially in the future, humans would suffer themselves from such a creation.

There are multiple lessons one could learn from such a documentary. One aspect that could be remarked is the integration of artificial intelligence into the church organisation. In fact, one aspect that needs to be taken into account is how to integrate the technological advancement into the preaching of laymen. Besides that, one shall also take into consideration the effects of artificial intelligence with regards to the Biblical teaching. In fact, a lot of aspects that were presented in the documentary could be easily integrated into the work process, as the church adapts to the technological advancements, too. Thus, certain aspects that were presented are certainly positive in the overall process, but others have to be reconsidered with the potential advancement.