The emergence of globalization and information systems has led to the evolution of various perspectives in the society. The technology has led to the emergence of sophisticated technological platforms and the automation of various systems. In order to keep pace with the progressions in the society, classrooms must embrace information systems and the relevant technological platforms in undertaking various activities.

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Supporting the use of Technology in Classrooms

Automation of class systems is an essential undertaking because it can increase the speed and efficiency of various operations in the classroom setups. This is through the acquisition of sophisticated technological equipment for use in the class.

Technology in the classrooms can engage the quality of education through facilitating reach activities. The internet can be used in the retrieval of information that can be converted into knowledge and skills essential fir the learners in a classroom.

Technology can increase communication capabilities in the classes. The student can be able to communicate with the teachers effectively through the networking devices without engaging each other physically. The students can also send and receive assignments and other resources instantly through emails.

Technology can increase the level of collaboration among the students. The student can engage in discussions in academics through the networking systems while in remote locations.

Information technology tools cab increase the level of creativity of the students because of the applications that are available that promote innovation and strategic engagement.

Opposing Argument

Technological application and social media networks are likely to increase distractions for the students and lead to misuse of the internet to share non-academic materials. This is also likely to encourage cyberbullying among learners and other users.

Counter Argument

The technology equipment are sophisticated and they have filtering and monitoring tolls. In the class setup, the administrators of the networks and instructors can manage and limit what the student can get access to and the level of their interaction.

An overview of all the ideas covered and reiterating the importance of adopting technology in classes.