As a major multinational corporation, Largo Corporation specializes in various products and services, including but not limited to the following: retail (arts, crafts, & office products), healthcare (medical services), finance (financial services), automotive (electric cars), system integration (communications), government services (information security), and media design (website and app design). The conglomerate organization has annual revenues reaching around $750 million, with employees nationally reaching around 1,000. With its parent company located in the city of Largo, located in Maryland, Largo Corporation subsidiaries are throughout the United States. Missioned to bring the best goods and services to all people and organizations around the world, Largo Corporation’s vision and culture provides the framework that offers opportunities for improving various aspects of technology while upholding its social responsibility.

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As CEO of Largo Corporation, Tara Johnson was inspired to create a systematic approach to develop a culture geared to innovation. To do so, Mrs. Johnson launched a team of savvy employees whose responsibility entailed defining an operational process capturing innovative results. These innovative results countered future threats and provided an edge of competition for the multinational corporation. As the leader of the “Innovation Team”, this Environmental Scan Report will provide an understanding of the process of environmental scanning to identify creative technologies that enable the organization to respond to potential threats, as well as dynamic challenges and changes within the business and operational process requirements. Report will also indicate potential solutions to address unpredictable moves in the market and demand. Using the opportunity to implement creative technologies, Largo Corporation will overcome the potential of future threats even though the potential benefits may not aligned with the current mission in the immediate. This environmental scan is aimed to provide the organization an innovative technology systematic approach to transform the company for the long-term, while providing a competitive edge.

Within the parameters of the future of Largo Corporation, each subsidiary’s products and services were research and evaluated for potential threats and opportunities, and the subsidiary, Government Security Consultants, was identified with the highest level of opportunity and threats to the organization. Due to the changing market and demand of information security industry and funding opportunities, Largo Corporation’s subsidiary, Government Security Consultants, has cultivated the ability to provide innovative-approach solutions pertaining to the security and intelligence-related problems within operational processes. Currently, the organization outsources a range of training with its strategic alliance partner, S2, for governmental organizations, such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Department of Justice, and U.S. Capitol Police. The following are projected potential threats, specific to Government Security Consultants subsidiary, but also across the various other subsidiaries, which includes but not limited to: insider threat, cyber threat, and network security threat. With the accelerating impact of technological change, Largo Corporation can seize the opportunity to harness cloud platform tool initiatives, server virtualization for network security, anti-hacking techniques coding tool, clean-break employee access blocker, and secure access business applications tool as technology innovations to become more efficient and responsive to threats. Disruptive technologies that impact the Government Security subsidiary that may be leverage in order to succeed in overcoming future threats entails a combination of powerful digital, social, mobile, video, and geographical innovations. By utilizing disruptive technology intelligence, subsidiaries, such as Government Security, will strengthen itself threats that lie internal and external.

The innovative technologies will impact various operations within the organization as a whole as it pertains to commercial infrastructure operations and processes. Largo Corporation’s subsidiaries, including the retail (arts, crafts, & office products virtual & interactive analysis and advance analytics innovation technology), healthcare (medical services hot-spotting for population health management innovative technology using sophisticated GIS tools), finance & system integration (financial services & communications: data Portal transparency innovation technology), automotive (electric cars: mobile data collection & geocoding innovative technology application, vehicle-to-infrastructure innovative technology communication capabilities), government services (information security transparent and wearable technology, as it pertains to public safety and cyber operations impact protective services innovation technology), restructuring traditional infrastructure (replace company systems with conservative and energy efficient infrastructure compatible with innovative technologies being implemented), video-based tools (telemedicine innovation technology applications impact various subsidiaries), and media design (website and app design operations impacted by interactive visualization tool innovation technology). Assessing the relevant technologies impact to the Government Services subsidiary as the basis for this environmental scanning, Largo Corporation can utilize the proactive innovative technologies to improve the intelligence-driven offenses to avoid potential future threats internally and externally.

As Largo Corporation aims to bring the best products and services to consumers and businesses around the world, technology innovation will creatively equip the organization to critically evaluate opportunities and potential threats. The concept of innovation, specifically with technology, refers to operational processes “chang[ing], progress[ing], and addressing user needs in new ways” (“Technological Innovation”). According to Technological Innovation, an “innovation is a change, in product, service, process or, more widely, an organization (Vaughan). As a corporation seeking to cultivate an innovative environment, it is essential to understand the Innovation Life Cycle. Beginning with phase 1 the creation and capturing of ideas as it relates to products, processes, services, marketing, and/or business models (concept), moving on to phase 2 is the discovery of piloting concept to proven value (value concept), developing a plan is phase 3 (development of ready solution), and lastly there is phase 4, which is the delivery of communication to team or refining sales literature (innovation). Simply stating, innovation is best captured in the lifecycle as “a process for testing and developing new ideas for operations” (“Where are you in the innovation lifecycle?”). Operational processes will facilitate the initial implementation of innovations within organizations to create a mitigation strategy.

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