This paper will provide a detailed project plan with respect to the establishment of suitable technology for the new office suite being developed. There are a number of tasks that need to be achieved with respect to ensuring that each floor is provided with a suitable level of technology and that each desk can be updated and is innovative with respect to its use of computers and to also allow effective telecommunication networks within the building. The first major task for the technology aspect of the building is the establishment of a space or area of the office dedicated to servers and an effective support system for all of the technology that will be required (Bocklund & Hinton, 2012). This area can be known as the server room and can house enough servers to be able to provide a local area network for all of the levels and for the computers that will require constant, high speed internet. In establishing the server room, the electrical circuits of the building will need to be utilized and can allow for the introduction and sustainment of equipment that solely relies on electricity on a 24 hour basis. Once the server room is established, the office will have an effective and very fast local area network. Coding will then need to be performed to secure the network and ensure that it only provides Internet services to the office and no one else. This can allow the establishment of a comprehensive WIFI network in addition to the existing local area network (Open Minds, 2001).

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The second phase of establishing the Internet network is to ensure that the other headquarters and offices can gain limited access where necessary. Once coding has been completed on the Internet network, a secure network can then be provided for the other headquarters. Technology requirements will then require the establishment of computer desks and wiring to allow each desk to have a computer that works and is also connected to the local area network. Using a number of technicians, computers can be added to each desk and they can be required in such a way that provides the office with suitable resources and connectivity overall. Once computers are added to the office, it can then be fitted with additional office resources such as fax machines, printers and scanners, all connected to the local area network as well as to each computer and also the neighboring headquarters and offices connected to the company (Open Minds, 2001).

The next part of establishing sufficient technology in the office is to connect the computers and other office equipment to sufficient phone lines. Phone lines can be connected to the local area network and can also work remotely so that people can take office calls outside of the office. Furthermore, by using the electrical supplies within the office, the phone lines can be constantly supported (Bocklund & Hinton, 2012).

The next stage or requirement with respect to technology is the establishment of a technological area of the office that can provide resources in the event that some of the technology malfunctions. For example, having a room with additional technological parts can be useful and highly effective with respect to ensuring that there are no breaks in the local area network or at a workstation where a computer malfunctions overall. When a computer malfunctions or requires additional support, this area of the office can then provide the required parts (Open Minds, 2001). Additionally, this area of the office can be manned by computer technicians and experts who can provide another layer of support that may be needed even for the slightest issues concerning their technological equipment. This can further ensure that the server room is also maintained on a daily basis.

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