The first thing the teen sees in the eyes of the parents after telling them about the pregnancy is devastation. They are shocked and frightened that this is the end of their child’s carefree life. The parents ask themselves: Where did we go wrong? Could we raise our child better? The answer is no. The parents teach the child everything they know including their worldview on what is right and what is wrong, however, the parents cannot take responsibility for the children’s decisions in life.
One of the reasons of teenage pregnancy around the country is that everything that surrounds us is flooded with sex. TV, social media, pop culture are full of sexual messages and images that promote sexual activity. This results in carefree attitude to sex and pregnancy. As stated above, the parents are not responsible for child’s pregnancy but they can help the child to walk through it.

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This is always a heave strike for the parents and it takes some time to accept this reality. Yesterday their child was preparing for a math test, playing soccer with friends and asking for permission to go on a party but today she is standing in the bathroom with a pregnancy test that shows a positive result. Parents should always remember that their child needs their support like never before. Not only parents have a feeling of disappointment, embarrassment, and fear – the child is feeling them as well.

The second step after acceptance is approving the daughter’s decision for not taking way through abortion. It may seem an easy way but is always brings psychological and physical consequences. If this is a son, then parents should praise him for stepping up as a father. The parents should make sure the child understands that they are ready to help with all the difficulties and challenges. The son must feel the support and know that he is not alone with all the problems he will have to face as a parent.

How can parents support the teen? There is a local pregnancy resource center in every city. Also, there is an organization called Mothers of Preschoolers. It can provide a lot of educational resources on child development, taking care of the baby, tips on childrearing and financial aid. It is the parents’ responsibility to introduce the future mom with the opportunities such groups and organizations give. There is also a difficulty of balancing child and education or work and this organization can help the young parents with that. Such groups not only offer practical tools but also give mental support. Over time, the young mom may become confident in her future in a role of a young mother.

The support of loving parents is a crucial factor in becoming both successful in life and a great parent. Undoubtedly, the teenage pregnancy is always shocking and unexpected, however, it is not the reason to leave the children on their own. Children need to know that they will not walk this path alone. Teenage pregnancy is not ending the life – it just makes it a bit different.