Baby Laugh A-Lot
1. The commercial is selling a doll called Baby Laugh A-Lot by Remco. The doll is battery-powered, and laughs constantly, theoretically causing the owner of the doll to laugh as well, causing enjoyment. The commercial first introduces the doll, then shows several girls turning their heads at the sound of the laugh, and laughing along with it. At the end, the voiceover starts to laugh as well.

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2. The target audience is middle class white girls between about seven and twelve years old.
3. The primary advertising appeal is pleasure: the doll laughs, hopefully causing the owner to laugh as well. The second is admiration, demonstrating that all of the target audience member’s friends will want the toy and therefore be in awe of anyone who owns one.

1. The classic Mentos commercial is selling Mentos, which are breath mints meant to improve the smell of people’s breath. It begins with a group of fashionable young men parting ways, and one in a sharp suit relaxing onto a bench, briefcase at the ready. A painter indicates that the paint is wet, and the man discovers white stripes from the bench up his back. He then finishes the paint job on the front of the suit to the sound of “fresh goes better,” as the music, the painter, and he all happily conclude that Mentos are “fresh and full of life.”

2. The target audience is young men interested in financial success.
3. The advertising appeal of profit is used when the fresh idea of painted-on pinstripes, inspired by Mentos, allows the character future financial success. Pleasure is also a key advertising appeal, as the product causes the character to grin widely.

Zazoo Condoms
1. The commercial sells condoms by Zazoo. The condoms prevent pregnancy. The commercial begins with a child and his father in the grocery store, the child placing candy on the cart and the father taking it off the cart. The child then begins throwing things and screaming while the people around him stare and judge the father. Finally, the commercial focuses on the father’s face, the simple words, “USE CONDOMS,” and a shot of the company logo.
2. The target audience is sexually active people who do not plan on having children.
3. The advertising appeal is fear, threatening people with the terrors of having children if they do not use condoms.

Old Spice
1. The commercial is selling deodorant by Old Spice. Deodorant eliminates unpleasant bodily smells, and also, according to the commercial, causes men to smell incredibly attractive.
2. The target audience is young women who are dissatisfied with how imperfect their male significant others are.
3. The advertising appeal is romance, promising women the relationship of their dreams if they convince their male significant others to use the product.