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FOX Network

The FOX Network premiered a new television show in September, 2013. Sleepy Hollow is a science fiction drama based on the legend of the same name about a headless horseman who cuts of the heads of people while his remains in the possession of the person controlling him. While this...

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Criminal Profiling

The television show Criminal Minds, the book Journey into Darkness, and the film The Silence of the Lambs exhibit instances of criminal profiling. Criminal Minds is a television show created and produced by Jeff Davis alongside other producers such as Mark Gordon, Edward Allen Bernero, Deborah Spera, Chris Mundy, Simon...

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Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class

In the video clip, the unlike ways of the role of the television are presented. People are most likely to perceive the television as the way for one’s entertainment, yet there are some other ways that television provides. In the film, directed in 2005 by Pepi Lestyna from the University...

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Communications Theory

Cultivation Analysis and Spiral of Silence theory are both instrumental in understanding the effects that mass media has in contemporary society. Both demonstrate how television is so pervasive and instructive to society in how to think and act in a unified, dominant culture. Cultivation Analysis is based primarily off the...

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Electromagnetism: How the TV Works

We often underestimate the role of science in everyday life. Yet, we consume products that were developed in the course of technological inventions and their further improvements. One of such scientific achievements is the TV. The offered video clip explains what an electromagnetism is and how it influences the work...

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