The film is based on a disadvantaged girl by the name Grandin. At an early age, she is diagnosed with autism. She is very fortunate to have parents who are financially stable. For that reason, she has a specialist who has been hired by her mum to prevent her from being institutionalized. Her mother is very dedicated; she looked for a neurologist who could help her in speech therapy. Grandin has a nanny who is to take care of her. Despite her disability, she is ever surrounded by supportive people. She is later taken to a private school with sympathetic teachers who could understand her challenge. After elementary school, she moved on to another school. In this new school, she had to pass through a lot of challenges. For instance, she is often ridiculed by the students. She is also referred to as a tape recorder by the other students because of her repetitive speech. Due to the insult, she is expelled from the school because she threw a book at one of the students who made fun of her. For that reason, she led quite a lonely lifestyle at school. During the holiday, she is taken to visit her aunt who is the owner of Arizona ranch. Actually, her lifestyle at the ranch is very important to her because contributes to her career interest. As a result of her experience at the ranch, she later becomes a professor of animal science. Apart from that, she as a prominent speaker and author on autism.
Temple Grandin is a mentor who has inspired and encouraged many people to overcome their challenges. Disability should not prevent people from success. In modern times, people have face different adversities. Disability, however, should not be perceived to be a lack of ability. In fact, disabled people should be viewed as normal people; they should not be discriminated against because of their limitations. What many do not realize is that the stereotypes directed at people living with disabilities can really affect them psychologically (Acred, 2014). In fact, it may even prevent them from achieving their goals. In this film, as a result of the insults directed at her, Temple was expelled from school after violently reacting to her aggressor. In as much as people are different their abilities, the purpose of humanity is the same. For that reason, people should learn to appreciate one another.

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Modern civilization encourages liberalism and inclusivity. The disabled people are even protected by legal stipulations. For instance, there are special schools which provide basic education for disabled people. However, in isolated cases, there are those who still miss on these opportunities due to different reasons. Some miss education due to social stereotypes or cultural reasons. Fortunately, there are laws that were passed to prevent such inhuman acts. A part from that, these laws also serve to protect the disabled from being victimized. Furthermore, if one is found guilty of taunting someone with disability, there are charges for that and one can be imprisoned.

At present, there are many reforms which have enabled those living with disabilities to cope with their lives. Temple’s courage to come out as a victim of autism and share it with the world was great move. As a result of her action, most disabled people who were traumatized due stigma can come out to have a normal life. Through family support, every disabled child can achieve any set goals. This is manifested and actualized in the life of Temple who overcomes different odds to be an inspiration to many other people through her works and life. The support from the family is very essential for the growth of a child. For instance, Temples’ mother is always in support of her irrespective of the challenges she goes through. As a result of her support, she managed to achieve her ambitions. Despite the difficulties she passed through when the other students taunted her, she was taken to her aunt’s place where she learnt more about livestock. Eventually, the simple knowledge she received from the ranch has played an important role in her career.

The Temple Grandin is a very emotional film. Through the film, the audience can change their perception towards disabled people. Through Temple’s actions, she has managed to be a role model to everyone irrespective of their physical challenges. In fact, she has influenced positive changes in different ways. Through the actions of people like her, disable people enjoy equal opportunities without discrimination.

Most governments currently have legislations which protect vulnerable groups such as those living with disabilities. Though Temple has a challenge in living with autism, she has inspired several people. In relation to that, people should not take disability as a barrier to their goals. In fact, the disabled can even mentor the normal. After their education, through employment, they can also contribute to their respective economies since they would pay taxes from their earnings just like everyone. A part from that, they can pass their knowledge to others. For instance, Temple is known across the world for her influential lifestyle. In addition, she is also known for her humane treatment of animals. She is also seeking to create awareness on autism.

In most cases, hard work and responsible actions can attract good people to help one attain their target. Temple met Carlock who is ever there for her when she has a problem. Carlock is the answer to Temple’s problems. As much as people with disability suffer, when their potential is identified they, always get the necessary support.

In conclusion, Temple should be celebrated for her courageous act. As result of her honesty and courage, she empowers many people. The gains made on equality came as a result of people like Temple coming publicly to challenge the mentality that people had on disability is very effective worldwide (McDougle, 2016). For that, a serious action should be taken for anybody who portrays any discriminative act on physically challenged persons.

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