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The Nature Of Global Terrorism Essay

Terrorism has become a significant global concern throughout the last two decades, but it is also the result of the actions undertaken by many governments. The most significant global change in the last decades has been increased globalization. However, this globalization has always had a predominantly Western character. As a...

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Communal Dissident Terrorism

Terrorism and the prevention of terrorism is the focus of most nations in the world today. A vast amount of time and resources are allocated to efforts to thwart terroristic acts before they occur. A primary aspect of being able to get in front of terroristic attacks and prevent them...

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Agroterrorism Response Paper

The United States has become much more aware of agroterrorism over the years. With that in mind, the policy of how the US responds to such situations has also shifted remarkably over the years. Prior to the attacks of September 11, agroterrorism was something that was mostly handled by the...

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July Bombings in Bogota Columbia Typify Ongoing Internal Conflict

In July 2015, Bogota Columbia was victimized by two terrorist bombings in the affluent financial district. The target was Porvenir, a private investment company. Seven people were injured though none of the injuries were serious. Joshua Goodman, Associated Press Chief, noted that FARC rebel attacks had been increasing in other...

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On the 15th Anniversary of the Attacks of September 11, 2001

The catastrophic and heart-rending experiences of September 11, 2001 are an imprint upon the consciousness of America—indeed, the entire world—that will never fade or disappear. The anniversary of this day is always one that engenders great sadness or anger or even spirited motivation among those who every year feel as...

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