Tesla Motors has a strong marketing campaign that has made sound decisions with their directions. There are several business-to-business market, B2B markets Tesla Motors may be a target market for another company. Tesla is moving towards more sustainable transportation. “It showed up in customer-facing communications from the very beginning with lines like, “Burn rubber, not gasoline” (Reed, 2015). One company that may target Tesla is the company that manufactures charging stations for electronic cars. Tesla is shifting their product line to run on electricity instead of gasoline. Another company that could target Tesla is a renewable energy engineering company. Tesla is a big name company and partnering their expertise in redesigning and making automobiles more sustainable is a significant accomplishment and advantage for any business. The business-to-business benefit would be substantial for both organizations, and it could promote growth in business and ultimately revenue for all parties involved.

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Segmenting B2B Markets
Harrison, Hague, and Hague established a behavioral-based segment model that provides a segmentation scheme that would best suit Tesla Motors. The one that suits Tesla best category is a quality and brand-focused segment. This need or behavior-based segment is composed of organizations that want the best products and are willing to pay for them. Tesla is known for their high price tags that come with their quality cares. They redefine invention, and the price tag affords the buyer the luxury associated with it. Companies that do business with Tesla knows that the organization is on the high-end of luxury cars. They are one of the best in the market, and they are willing to pay the money in exchange for the best product. Tesla’s reputation is solid, and it carries the stigma of a high-price for the latest and greatest available in the automobile industry.

Marketing Information Systems
There are several types of information that Tesla Motors could use comprehensive marketing information system for their decision-making purposes. First, Tesla should use publications to learn about current business trends. “All of them discuss current trends, regulations, and consumer issues that are relevant for organizations doing business in the domestic and global marketplace” (Special, 2015). Another information system that would benefit Tesla Motors would be trade shows. It will give the company an opportunity to visit the other booths at the show to determine where they stand in regards to their competition. It could also provide direction for their future endeavors. Finally, the company can use the information gained from their customer base. The best way to see how to reach the customers is the customers themselves. They can provide valuable insight into what they like and what changes they wish to see the product.

Marketing Metrics
There is a lost that can be gained from the financial and performance metrics. They can be used to monitor Tesla Motor’s strategic marketing planning for the marketing efforts in the new marketing mix strategies. The financial metrics would be the sales team performance. It will allow the company to see the number of closings per sales person ensure they have the right members participating in sales. The website performance metrics will allow the company to track the traffic and follow up with any potential leads. The sales promotion parameters will allow the business to see how well customers respond to any particular development that they launch. Finally, there is the customer service performance metrics. It will measure how well customers are cared for and if any financial compensation was provided.

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