In I Love Lucy its scenes in various episode go on for a very long time. These scenes are divided down to different characters. Based on this trait of the film, it is evident that this video is different in its mise-en-scene and editing. For instance, the second period, Ethel who is Lucy’s neighbor comes into Lucy’s house as soon as Ricky Ricardo enters into the building. This is a clear depiction of the necessity of a cut and continuity of the film. Despite the changes I scenes of the movie, it is evident that there is use of dissolves and other kind of conversions. The use of these styles made sure that each event was important. Additionally, the props and mise-en-scene were not so much detailed as compared to those used in other films. The film also uses black and white to bring out its characters. This could be the reason for its simplicity as compared to other films. It is also worth noting that such things as cans stating words such as “Cheeddar Cheese” and “Cold cream” tend to be unremarkable containers and were not complex information that bring about props.

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Additionally, the film brings out the stereotypical depiction of women and family values and gender roles and responsibilities that are current fought against. Additionally, the film uses camera and sets. Additionally, after watching the video it is evident that it was shot in a studio taking into consideration the less number of sets majorly focused in the living rooms and the kitchen. Additionally, one notices that the camera work tends to move smoothly across the rooms. This is a clear indication of the use of multiple editing I the editing process thereafter. Watching the film also one is able to focus on the content and enjoy it due to its conservative nature. The film has an old-school humor component and absurdities that cannot be witnessed in a current film. Despite the use of simple mindedness and the setting, the show is interesting. The film is developed taking into consideration a combination of verbal, physical and ironic humor.

The Andy Griffith Show is a collective family state of affairs video series developed by Sheldon Leonard and Aaron Ruben. The film as the same features as the standard domcom. The set up of the film is that it has one parent trying to rise one child instead of two. This film is one of the examples of Spinoff. Spinoff is used to define a show that is created based on a major feature depicted on other shows. Additionally, Andy Griffith Show there is use black and white in its episodes. Additionally, the film episodes contain of laughs. This laughter in each episode made the film interesting and attractive to the audience. The author uses artificially induced laughter to increase humor. The later editing of the film which led to omission of the laughter, watching it one could notice that there is a miss and the quietness following a funny joke seem wrong. The video also uses excellent pictures and sounds. Additionally, the ending credits for high number of episodes seem to have been retrieved from prints that are a bit different from prints employed within the body of the film. It is often witnessed that the closing credits are slightly darker as compared to the other parts of the episodes. The film further shows the use of single camera set up. This involves the use of one camera. This means that each scene is taken at different angles after reconfiguring the cameras.

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