On last Wednesday, I was sitting on the ISU campus. During that time, I have observed several things around me. The things that I have observed were related to the five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. As a human being, nature exposes me various things in the environment. In some situations, I am able to notice the things while in others, some environmental aspects may go unnoticed. The structural and cultural orientation of our senses makes us acquire stimuli from the atmosphere and pass it to the brain for synthesis and processing to acquire the next action.
Sight is the most part that I have noticed while sitting on campus. The eyes are the very important in the processes associated with sight. The eyes assist in generating the stimuli from the outside environment and then pass it through the nervous system to the brain for synthesis. From what I could see, the weather was fabulous on that day. The environment looked very attractive, and the natural scene was very enjoyable because of the health condition of the trees and the grass. My eyes assisted in noticing numerous things in the atmosphere. Moreover, the green color of the vegetation was very appealing to my eyes. The people who were walking around me were almost busy in a way that I have seen. I was able to notice anything unique about the people I saw through assessing various aspects about them. Some of the things that made the difference among the people from the outlooks include their dressing styles and the nature of their outfits.

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Second, I was able to various aspects of sound through my senses. Sound is acquired through the ability to hear. The ears have the major role of getting the sound waves from the environment and then pass the signals to the brain. There are various things that I could hear from the sound in the atmosphere. I heard car sounds in the environment. Some of the sounds that caught my attention are the loud sounds produced by the trucks and the cars. What caught my attention about the sounds produced by these cars is the intensity and the uniqueness in the sound produced. The heavy trucks that were carrying loads made a lot of noise in the atmosphere. Sometimes the noise was irritating to the ears because it was too high. The sport cars also produced a unique sound that is identical to the level of their activity and engagement. There were also sweet sounds of the birds from the trees. Some of the birds were producing their sounds in quick succession as if they had a chorus. From the sounds, one could make a difference and know that there were different varieties of birds on the trees.

Smell is the most difficult part to describe. When I was walking through the campus, I acquired various smell perceptions. The smell was getting through the nose and then into the nervous system for the interpretation. The dominant types of smell that I perceived came from two sources. The vegetation and the people. From the vegetation, I could get the smell of numerous flowers and trees once I got close to them. I liked some types of smell and disliked others from these trees and flower. Some types of grass produced very sweet scents that I could perceive through my nose. Other scents from the plants were equally unpleasant this is because some of them initiated my sense and affected my allergy because I was subjected to constant sneezing. There were also various scents from the people. The scents were as a result of t perfumes and the cosmetics used by these people. The ladies had stronger scents as compared to men because of the types of perfumes they use. There were also some sweet aroma from cooking food in the environment.

Fourth, I was also exposed to circumstances that made me engage my sense of taste. In this case, I engaged myself voluntarily into the tastes through the mouth. The tongue is the organ that plays the role of tasting objects. The sense of taste is usually engaged when I was engaged in eating activity. Before I got to the campus, I bought a sandwich and orange juice from the supermarket. The sandwich was turkey with lettuce, cheese, tomato and the ranch sauce. By description, it was delicious because of a little sweet salty ranch that made me enjoying eating it. On the other hand, the orange juice flavor was sweet and bitter at same time, which was amazing to me.

While walking on campus I felt tired, so I sat on the campus stone chair to prepare my notes. While touching the chair, I realized that it was rough and that made me feel of shudder. Through this activity, in engaged the sense of touch in my body. Through this sense, I was able to have a feeling of various objects that I my skin could come into contact with. The feelings that are recognized are the smoothness and the roughness of an object. The chair was rough because of the material that was used to make the chair. The sensory nerves on the skins assist in recognizing the touch.

Finally, the time that spent in campus taking notes and observing things around was more than doing assignment. The notes and the engagements that I was engaged assisted me to realize various activities about myself. The activities were also very instrumental in the process of self-discovery because I knew how the body systems and processes work. I also got information on how to engage my senses constructively to perform their purpose to the body.