This will serve as the directive as to why we will pull all of the baby wiped off of the shelves until we have an all natural formula ready to go. I feel that as your chirf executive officer that this needs to be explained thoroughly in order for you as the employees to understand why this decision was made. Furthermore, you will be able to note, after reading this directive, that this was not a decision that was made lightly. All circumstances were taken into account before finally deciding to pull all of the current baby wiped off of the shelf and wait on a newly formulated all natural baby wipe to take its place.
Here are some things to keep in mind about Seventh Generation. We rely on a close relationship with our suppliers since we operate with a very streamlined operating staff of 42 employees. Seventh Generation has always prided itself to be the only manufacturer to have a stronghold in the natural cleaners market. Our products are found in natural food stores, mainstream grocery stores, and catalogues. Seventh Generation is a name that consumers can trust since are products are so varied. Natural products are a hot global commodity. Seventh Generation has been working on a new all natural baby wipe. We have not gotten the formula correct yet, so we have substituted a different baby wipe with chemicals in them that are not all natural. This may deter the customer from trusting the company even though we are working on a new, all natural baby wipe. Since we are so well regarded by our consumers and do not want to present them with an inferior product, we have decided to pull those inferior wipes from the shelves only to be replaced with a baby wipe that is, indeed, all natural.

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Since our branding is all about being an all natural alternative, I feel that by leaving these baby wipes on the shelf that we are betraying our customers who have relied on us for many years for their all natural products. In other word, I recommended pulling the current baby wipes off the shelf until the all natural alternative is available in order to protect our brand. Our brand strategy “defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey “ (Brand). Sue Holden, Manager of Customer Relations concurs as she feels that by putting the inferior product on the shelves gives customers a reason to believe that Seventh Generation does not value the promises it makes to its customers to deliver all natural products. Mrs. Holden is of the opinion that we need to do everything in our power to keep our promises to our customers, and I concur. Furthermore, by pulling these inferior wipes off the shelves we will remain true to our brand which will, ultimately, reflect positively on our company.

The implications of the financial bottom line will be detrimental to our company. The loss of shelf space, even if it is for a minimal time period, will be reflected in lower revenues. However, with the advent of the new, all natural product, sales are expected to soar and the initial loss of profit will be recovered. Furthermore, our customers will soon regain the initial trust that they had in us. In fact, their trust will be stronger than ever, and we will even pick up additional customers.

By pulling all inferior products off the shelf we will bolster our brand and will be seen by the public as living up to our word.

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