An article on The Atlantic’s online edition argues national borders should be eliminated because not only such borders are immoral but eliminating them would also enhance the economic and social welfare of the humanity. The author Alex Tabarrok argues the magnitude of economic activity is not the same everywhere and similarly, natural resources are unevenly distributed. People should be free to move anywhere to enhance their economic and social welfare and national boundaries often result in deteriorating human record as individuals become prisoners in their own land (Tabarrok).

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Tabarrok claims free movement of people without any geographical hurdles benefit all. Rich countries benefit through more diversified workforce in terms of skills set and higher wage levels. The immigrants also make it possible for everyone to specialize in what they are best at which results in better utilization of everyone’s potential. The author reminds us it is more useful to help people from poor countries become self-sufficient than providing them with financial aid. In fact, helping them becoming self sufficient also helps the rest of the world through dramatic rise in economic output.

Tabarrok find support for his position in the leading ideologies of the world as well without the notable exception of nationalism. He states it is not just economically and socially beneficial to eliminate national boundaries but also morally the right thing to do. He warns the people to defend themselves against unfounded fears because such fears are responsible for numerous atrocities throughout history such as slavery and restricted rights for women.
Tabarrok advocates for absolute elimination of national borders to ensure the free movement of people. He believes doing so promotes economic and social welfare and is also morally the right thing to do. He states eliminating national borders is a win-win situation for everyone because it improves productivity, average income levels, human rights record, and enable everyone to do what he is best at.

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