The organization was founded with the goal of feeding hungry children in schools. It is supported by the belief that only well-fed children can absorb whatever they are being taught in the classroom. The firm implements its feeding program at the elementary school level and it is steered by an independent board of directors whose membership is on a voluntary basis. An advisory board is crucial to ensuring that the organization meets its both short-term and long-term objectives. All members are drawn from the entire Brevard County, implying that membership of the project is broadly representative. The management team emphasizes teamwork to achieve its goals. It does not have material assets, rather than the people who work on a voluntary basis.

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My connection to this organization was developed when I volunteered to the organization with the aim of feeding young learners over the weekends. The reason for volunteering in the feeding program was initiated by the fact that I could interact with very many school-aged children who could hardly afford healthy feeding. Thus, over the years, I have been working with the organization, pro bono, to ensure that pupils can attain good health status and excellent academic performances.

I have big plans for the organization. In the future, I intend to help it to reach out to more children in Brevard County. In addition, I would also be at the forefront of seeking funds for the feeding program so that more children can be fed. I also believe that if the project would cater for all the hungry children in the county, then there would be a need to take the feeding model to other counties, which have the same problem. This would be achieved by encouraging a significant number of persons in society to participate in voluntary nutrition programs.