As human beings, we were created as interdependent people who need to help one another out. The way that the concepts of the sacraments are visible to other people, in the terms of actions, have helped to keep the human race alive, especially in times of crisis.

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In times of emergencies and natural disasters, the private dimensions of Christianity, in terms of love, grace, and faith have been directed outward toward people in trouble. For instance, the devastating earthquake in Haiti that occurred several years ago left people without their homes and in need of medical care, and food. In many places, Haitian’s farmland incurred irreparable damage. Yet, many Christian individuals stepped up and traveled to Haiti to do what they could to help. Doctors, mid-wives, and EMT’s from the United States offered their services to the people in need.

This outward display of Christian dimensions helped to save and improve the lives of many people. Without outside help, the people in Haiti would be in a worse state. Many more individuals would have died without aid. The Christchurch Earthquake was another example of how Christians all over the world offered their services to each other, which is necessary for human salvation .

In times of economic suffering and recession, people also needed each other. During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, many individuals were out of work, did not have enough food, and could barely make ends meet. Yet, I have talked to people who have been through that era who said that many Christians came together to get through those tough times. They shared their food, ate meals together, and helped take care of each other’s children. This displayed the fruits of external Christianity that is put into action. Some people who have starved without the aid of neighbors and communities, who showed love, empathy, compassion, and grace for one another. They lived out what the Bible states about loving your neighbor as you love oneself .

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