The first Red Scare began shortly after World War I, a propagated the fear of radicalism, and it was the aftermath of World War II which exemplified a further fear of people with a political belief which was judged to be the anthesis of the basic principle of the Constitution and a free democracy. In February 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that 205 members of the U.S. State Department were actually engaged in activities that according to Selverstone (2010) were “tantamount to treason” (p. 8). This originated the idiom McCarthyism which was the pursuit and tracking of any individual who harbored different radical political ideas such as communism or indeed any “individuals who sympathized with party causes” (p. 8). This created a social and political climate that was pejorative and derogatory toward scholars, directors, actors, and writers who would not inform on any person who may have participated in any political organization with any level of communistic principle. McCarthy created an atmosphere of suspicion, distrust, and hatred, which prevails today. The current political and social climate which runs parallel to McCarthyism is a two-pronged attack. First is the recent ban against the Muslim religious community generating the same bias, discrimination, partisanship, and proponent to banish, or even refuse admittance of, people of a particular religious belief entry into the United States, as well as expelling those who presently live in the United States. The second is the hunt and expulsion of people who do not carry the proper government-issued papers declaring them as legitimate legal immigrants. It vilifies those who do not meet the specific requirements of a particular sectarian part of society. It also reinforces the foundation of fear and paranoia which some people possess, and is a menace to the American ideal declared on the Statue of Liberty which is welcoming all to America. McCarthy is disparaged and denigrated by the majority of scholars as well as those who survived the political and social debacle, it is a logical supposition that future historians will arrive at similar conclusions toward those participating in the discriminatory practices of the current political culture. However as people live through current events, which will eventually become a historical debate, the comparison to discriminatory McCarthyism is warranted.

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