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The Crucible

Comparison: The Great Gatsby and The Crucible

“The Great Gatsby” and “The Crucible” are both considered to be classics of American literature. They both deal with a specific moment in American history, and they both show how groups of people behave in particular ways in particular circumstances. Indeed, it can be argued that both of the works...

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Dynamic Characters in the Crucible

This is a sample essay about dynamic characters in the Crucible, which you'll probably need in your literature class. Don't stress yourself over these topics - use our essay sample and create your own paper! At the essence of plot development is the inclusion of dynamic characters. Dynamic characters are...

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John Proctor’s Decision in the Crucible

At the end of the play The Crucible, John Proctor is faced with the decision of confessing to witchcraft although that would be a lie, or refusing to confess in which case he’d be hanged. If he confesses to witchcraft it would be more to him than just lying. He...

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