Social problems that affect the oppressed social group usually refer to certain populations, such as immigrants, African Americans, unemployed, and so on. As for me, the harshest oppression and discrimination are experienced among social minorities. In the USA, LGBT people continue to be oppressed and discriminated. Even though these minorities are usually engaged in social community, study and work with other people, they suffer from misunderstanding and frequent abuses. Despite making the emphasis on equality and basic human rights, LGBT people do not get the same treatment in the USA, as others.

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Hilgartner & Bosk (1988) state that social problems are the products of a process of collective definition. It means that social problem is not objective, because it is an issue, the existence of which depends on how it is actually defined and evaluated in society. Collective sentiments matter, when a social problem needs to be defined. Any social problem exists in relation to other social problems. Another important factor is that social problems are involved in a complex system of institutions that deals with formulation and dissemination.

As for unequal treatment and discrimination experienced by LGBT people, this social problem relates to others, because it is a well-known fact that minorities similar to LGBT are treated severely in the USA. These minorities include various ethnic groups that are different from the white Americans, as well as unemployed, alcoholics, uninsured, some immigrants, and other people. The key players of this social problem include different institutions, such as schools, churches, business and political organizations.

The key players express their opinion and provide LGBT people with violence, rejection, lack of support, harassment, discrimination, and oppression. Because there is still the lack of juridical base and direct laws how to treat LGBT people throughout the country, this social problem remains especially sharp and affects the US society negatively.