We often hear about the phrase “Dream vacation” in everyday discourse, as individuals recount their desire for some type of ultimate trip, a realization of a fantasy. But what does “dream vacation” mean? If we analyze the term carefully, we can understand that it is about somehow breaking from the normal routine of our everyday life in a manner that is satisfactory with our own desires.
Breaking down the term “dream vacation” clearly reveals two distinct parts: starting with the latter term, the “vacation” implies being somewhere else or doing something else than one normally does. Therefore, the vacation is a type of break, a rupture with everyday life. We go on a vacation because we have a certain routine. The vacation is a suspension of the routine. It means that something irregular, something not normal to our everyday lives occurs. A vacation is a sort of intermezzo: it does not last forever. The individual returns to his or her everyday life. It is the pause button on common experiences that we have everyday. This pause button is often associated with travel: we go somewhere else physically so as to break from our familiar environment, to further achieve the goal of having an “uncommon” experience.

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A “dream”, however, further clarifies what the intent is behind this “pause button.” Certainly, there can be many breaks with everyday life. But the vacation is an enjoyable, relaxing type of break. When one goes on vacation, this implies, for example, that they will not be working, performing his or regular tasks. The dream furthers this experience, which can be summarized in the following question: what would I like to do if I did not have to perform my regular tasks, what would be the most enjoyable experience I can have?

Every individual will give a different answer to this question. Some may want to go to a far away land, while some may wish to do something they have never done before, such as parachuting from a plane. But the dream vacation itself means a pleasurable break from the everyday suited to the individual’s desire.