Story of the researchThe Nissan Company has evolved in its manner of operation over a long period of time. The secret towards developing company operations is by developing new car models that would be more attractive to customers. Most customers prefer when considerable changes are done on commodities to meet their ever changing needs. Most Nissan employers have a buzz with the Z model of the Nissan vehicles. The model holds a dear position in the hearts of several car dealers worldwide. Nissan has developed over the years from Nissan 240z to Nissan 370z. Each model comes up with fresher components. Nissan models are designed to match technology and price. For instance, in 2003 the 350z model was designed to match the requirements of time and money. The model was built as a corporation showcase-a sign that Nissan can also compete in building models such as GT (Sam 1).

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This research paper will therefore, engage in details the important stages of the Nissan Z model. Each model will be described at each stage to compare the essential differences between the previous models. The main reason for developing models is to gain more customers for more profits. The love for vehicles starts with lust. Vehicle customers first have lust for the vehicles before loving them. The Z models can also be studied based on their design and worth in the market.

Story of the I search
Different steps are necessary to be taken as a prerequisite towards achieving the requirements of the research question. First it is necessary to know the latest position of the vehicles in the market. The evolution of the Nissan Z species can be traced from the days of the Second World War. After the Second World War, japan took a new position in matters technology. As a result, they developed mightily in the vehicle manufacture industry. The Z model was developed as a prestige model for customers who preferred highly prestigious vehicles. Information on the history Nissan Z model is highly available in books. Information from internet resources were used to verify the real reasons and conditions behind the realization of later Nissan Z models (Lachapelle 1).

Research details
A couple of sources were consulted to compile logical information on the evolution of Nissan Z model.

Evolution of the Nissan Z by Marc Lachapelle
Marc Lachapelle traces the development of Nissan Z from the sixties when the company faced stiff competition from North American companies. By properly laid strategies, Nissan took a new shift and developed its products to achieve higher level of acceptance.

This source is essential in establishing the key reasons for the development of the Nissan z model. Vehicle companies value to a high percentage the aspect of prestige. Most classy vehicle owners site prestige as their primary reasons for consideration. Nissan concentrated on the same to come up with the fast growing z model.

History of the Nissan z by Annie Sam
This source gives the people who bore the idea of coming up with the Nissan z model. It gives specific details of the vehicle in each of its models. The vehicle is organized in different models from 240z to 370z. Each vehicle model is described based on the characteristics of manufacture.

This source concentrates on the model characteristics of the vehicles sand the timelines for their establishment. It is also essential in establishing the important contributors toward the existence of the specific vehicle models in the z series.

Nissan vehicle history by Nissan USA
In 2010, Nissan produced the Nissan 370z which has the capability of performing without emission. The vehicle is purely electric. This source gives a history of the Nissan z models with all their characteristics and capabilities (Nissan USA 1).

This site is actually interested in the specific timelines for the development of the Nissan models. It gives specific information of the prestige in the models and their improvements both economically and technically. It acts as a key marketing platform for the Nissan Z model.

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