Globalization refers to the process of international integration, which results from the exchange of world products, views, and ideas among other cultural elements. The implications of globalization are widespread, with the food industry, in terms of political and social spheres, being one of the most affected domains. As a matter of fact, globalization has enhanced the global food industry in that it allows for the flow of related capital, labor, products and services across diverse national borders. Indeed, with globalization, it follows that the food industry has successfully acquired a transnational culture. Take an instance of McDonald. The company started off in America. However, due to globalization, the company spread across different world regions and thereby becoming an international food organization.
While this is the case, it has been revealed that the globalization of the food industry has given rise to the flow of pertinent lifestyles, ideas, tastes, and values across international territories, a thing that has necessarily caused the reshaping of the local cultural patterns, political institutions, as well as, social relations. Especially the investors in the field, the globalization of the food industry have created a series of new opportunities for them not only to increase their wealth but also enhance their prosperities. Owing to globalization, McDonald is now established in different countries across the world. Thus, it has introduced the American way of doing things into the food industries in other economies.

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Given the potential that McDonald has presented to these food sectors, the respective governments have seen it right to establish laws, which facilitates the optimal realization of these prospects. In doing so, the governments have promoted a culture of McDonaldization in the global food industries. This is a culture of fast foods. This means that owing to globalization, and the subsequent laws to enhance it, people have abandoned healthy lifestyles to adopt a fast food culture.