The brothers Julien and Alexandre Hawari, are co-CEO’s of Media-Quest Corps. This corporation publishes twelve magazines, and sixteen websites. Julien Hawari discusses the future of his media company, given the threat of the digital age, in an interview with Paul Crompton. Crompton asks Hawari if he believes that Media-Quest Corps can survive the digital age.

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Hawari affirms that he believes that there is room for print media regardless of the digital age, but that in order to continue to produce print media, there will be necessary promotions that must be maintained.
Hawari claims that his profit from last year was thirty percent from non-print sources, such as online media. He anticipates that this percentage will grow by ten percent in the coming year. However, conversely, this entails that the profits generated from print media will decline ten percent this next year. Hawari believes that the solutions are imaginative. Hawari recognizes that print media will remain attractive if it maintains its own culture of awards ceremonies and the like: “One way magazines and websites can create buzz and attract audiences is handing out industry awards, complete with special-edition publications and glitzy ceremonies for winners.” (Crompton). Therefore, Hawari believes that the necessary way to keep his print media profitable is to create promotions within the product.

Media-Quest Corps also negotiated recent acquisitions that have been successful at eliminating competition, and in expanding Media Quest’s digital options. Hawari argues that: “…the fact that radio started did not make newspapers disappear; the fact that TV started but did not make radio disappear.” (Crompton). If his logic extends then the argument extends to the fact that there is digital media, does not make print media disappear. Hawari claims that his corporation knows how to make relevant content. Therefore, he looks forward to the future of digital enterprises as a complement to his print media.

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