The Gospel of Luke is one of the four canonical gospels that are included in the New Testament. A distinguishing feature of the following work is that, in comparison to three other gospels, apart from the information about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, it also contains some facts from the biography of John the Baptist. “The Gospel of Luke” consists of an introduction dedicated to Theophilus, and six parts presenting the information about Christ’s birth and boyhood, his baptism, ministry in Galilee, teachings on the way to Jerusalem, and also Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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First, the author of the gospel presents information about the miraculous births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. In both cases, the parents received the good news from Gabriel who came to inform them that their children would become two great people. While the mothers of both Jesus and John were pregnant almost during the same period, they met each other, and Elizabeth who bore John predicted that the son of Mary would be the Lord for her child. When John was born, all people around felt God’s awe. Jesus was born in the town of David when Mary and Joseph came there to register. Meanwhile, shepherds coming home from the fields saw an angel who informed them about the birth of the Savior and told them where they could find the child. When Jesus grew up, he was baptized by John the Baptist, and, at the age of thirty, he began his ministry.

First, he decided to go to Jordan, and the Spirit led him to the wilderness where, for forty days, Jesus was tempered by the devil by power and authority. After Jesus returned home, he went to Nazareth on the Sabbath day and started teaching people there, but they rejected his words and even wanted to kill him. Next, Jesus went to Capernaum and many other towns and cities where he freed men possessed by demons, healed people from various illnesses, and made many other miracles. At the same period, he found his first disciples: Peter, Andrew, James, and John who were later joined by Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, James son of Alphaeus, Judas son of James, Simon, and Judas Iscariot.

Further, the gospel contains a set of parables told by Jesus to his disciples, with the help of which he taught the latter his wisdom. Later, Jesus predicted his death and told his disciples about it. When Jesus and his followers approached Jerusalem, the fame about the Son of the Lord was widespread in the city. The Pharisees viewed it as a potential danger to their authority and did not want to let Jesus enter the city and even warned to kill him. However, Jesus replied that he had come to Jerusalem to help people and teach them, and he would not step back. During the days Jesus spent in the cities near Jerusalem, he healed many people, including those who were blind or were dying of leprosy, and crowds followed him everywhere willing to listen to his teachings. After that, Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king and went to the temple to teach people there. Jesus also predicted that, when the temple would be destroyed, the end of times would come.

Meanwhile, one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus because Satan entered him. Before his death, Jesus organized the last supper for his disciples during which he announced that he knew about the betrayal. After that, Jesus was arrested, sentenced to death by Pilate, and crucified. After his death, Jesus’ body was taken to the tomb, but, when women came to it the next day, they did not find it there since Jesus resurrected.